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1956 Dodge Power Wagon Swivel Frame

Posted in auto industry, Best of, Car Tech, Detroit, Dodge, Domestic Rides, Educational, General, News, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | August 8th, 2012 | Leave a Reply |

Swivel Dodge Power Wagon

Back in the 1950’s off-road vehicles consisted mainly of the Willy’s Jeep, commercial pick-up trucks and the odd civilian use military vehicle. 4×4 technology was still in it’s infancy, however there were those companies who tried to think outside the box. Take for example this 1956 Dodge Power Wagon that came complete with a swivel frame. The idea was simple, keep all four wheels on the ground at all times by keeping the chassis rotating with the terrain. I have a feeling they handled like crap on asphalt, but off-road this sucker looks unstoppable. Cool idea right?


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