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7 Coolest Concept Car Features

Posted in Car Buying, Car Tech, Concept Cars by Frank | November 22nd, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Concept cars don’t make it to the streets very often; their rarity is their allure. Their charming idiosyncrasy is likened to that beautiful someone you never get a chance to go out with — the possibilities seem endless with an aura of mystery attached. The idea of driving most of these awesome cars will always remain an idea, and nothing can tarnish that.

For now, fasten your seatbelts and drift through the following list of some extremely awesome feature that will probably never see a real road, but they can chase you in your sepia-toned daydreams.

1. Fuel Cell Operation

Our world has seen hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles; but as of this moment, our cars still have a gasoline addiction. Sometimes, an auto show goes above and beyond by showing us what a hydrogen cell car can look like and teasing us with its insanely low operation cost.  Imagine no more pain at the pump.

2. Popemobile-style Convertible Rear

Wouldn’t you love to be chauffeured around in a rear section that opens up, so you can catch some rays while you’re driving to the country club or to that important board meeting?  Well, maybe (for now) you won’t be able to own it with your current paycheck, but imagination and fantasy is sure free and fun.

3. Wings

The Saab PhoeniX is the latest example in a long line of cars showing everyone what happens when you combine cars and airplanes without trying to be James Bond. Cars with wings, even if they’re small, draw attention as they show off in the best possible way.

4. Flight

The Chase 2053 concept car speaks for everyone’s unspoken desire to own a flying car. Packing jet engines, this is the kind of vehicle you would be happy to have in your driveway, or on your next transatlantic car trip.

5. Indestructibility

The Chase 2053 also happens to be practically indestructible, thanks to its carbon fiber construction and living skin-based exterior.  Apparently, KITT was about 70 years ahead of its time. One of the big for 2053: Get the car that can only be damaged by a direct hit from a cruise missile.

6. Shape-shifting

What if you could change the wheel base and the profile of your car to adjust to the changing conditions?  Every so often, a concept car plants that awesome dream in our minds. Go-go-Gadget sports car!

7. Drool-worthy Good Looks

The Mazda Furai is based on a Le Mans entry by the company in years past.  Why exactly do most people drive around in uninterestingly designed cars and then go to auto shows where every design is a work of mobile art?  If you’re not going to drive something awesome, you might as well ride a bicycle or something.

Driving Home the Point

Concept cars are fantasies we taunt ourselves with in the safety of an auto show;  but you don’t drive to work or to the grocery store in a Furai, and only KITT was indestructible — KITT was just make-believe.  While 2053 is a good ways off, many of the features we love in our concept cars will probably never be real — and that’s okay.

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