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A Hot Lap Of The Nürburgring – On A Bike

Posted in Cool Stuff, Motorcycle Rides, Promoted, Track Events, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 27th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Germany’s Nürburgring may be the most challenging racetrack on the planet. First, the Nordschleife course is over 13 miles long, and it includes 154 corners. You don’t learn it in a day, a week, a month or even a year, unless you run the Green Hell every single day. Mastery generally takes years, and hte ‘Ring is made even more dangerous by bumpy pavement, multiple track surfaces, other users and the Eifel region’s notoriously bad weather. It’s not uncommon to encounter rain on part of the track, while the rest is bathed in sunlight. No one keeps an accurate count of how many visitors get killed on the ‘Ring each year, and I’ve seen estimates that range from 3 to 12 fatalities per year.

If driving the ‘Ring at speed takes Huevos mas grande, riding it for a record time on a bike takes a special kind of crazy. Remember, the ‘Ring doesn’t have gravel traps and wide run off areas; instead, it has lots of pine trees, alarmingly close to the track. Make a high-speed mistake on a bike, and chances are it’s not going to end very well for you.

That’s what makes the video below all the more impressive. I wish I had information to share on the rider or the bike, but a 7:26 lap of the Nordschleife on two wheels is impressive to see. Check out how hard the bike’s suspension is working, and watch how the rider dials it back just a hair to keep himself safe. I’d love the opportunity to lap the ‘Ring at a moderate pace on a bike, but there’s no chance I’d ride it at more than 7/10s. To guys like this, who ride at 9.5/10s, I salute you.

Source: You Tube via Autoblog

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