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Allstate Confirms: Washington, DC Drivers Are The Worst

Posted in Lists, News, Newsworthy, Police, Safety by Kurt Ernst | September 8th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Image: Yuri Long

If, for some unknown reason, you really want to get into a car accident, the best place in the country to live is Washington, DC. In DC, your chance of having an accident goes up by 107 percent compared to the national average, which probably explains why so many law firms call DC home.

Looking at the top 10 cities for bad drivers, 8 of 10 are in the Northeast. New York City doesn’t make the list, coming in 22nd in the country for accident rate. Surprisingly, Boston doesn’t make the cut, either, but that has more to do with Allstate not selling auto insurance in Massachusetts than it does with the ability of Boston drivers to avoid accidents.

Here’s the complete list of the top-10 worst driver cities, along with your increased likelihood of getting waffled while driving through:

1 Washington, DC, 107%
2 Baltimore, MD, 89%
3 Glendale, CA, 81%
4 Newark, NJ, 71%
5 Providence, RI, 67%
6 Philadelphia, PA, 60%
7 Hartford, CT, 60%
8 Jersey City, NJ, 58%
9 San Francisco, CA, 57%
10 Alexandria, VA 56%

Source: Autoweek

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