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Are driving aids hurting or helping young drivers?

Posted in Best of, Featured, News, Safety by MrAngry | February 19th, 2011 | 10 Responses |

Driving Aids

How many of you out there have driven cars with absolutely no driving aids whatsoever? And when I say driving aids I’m talking about everything from traction control, to anti-lock brakes, to stability control. Right now it’s almost impossible to purchase a car that doesn’t come with some sort of electronic nanny that helps the driver out from both a performance and safety standpoint. I’m not complaining as these systems have no doubt saved millions of lives in the time they’ve been available. What I do wonder however is if these features are dumbing-down the modern automobile to the point where people are forgetting how to actually drive them. There is an ever growing trend to make automobiles more and more automated. The more this happens the more the human element is removed from the equation. Today’s kids who are learning to drive are doing so in cars whose job is to get them out of trouble at every turn. Again, this is not a bad thing, but I do wonder what happens to these drivers when they find themselves in situations where actual driving skill is required. I mean will they really know and understand the basics of general car control?

Driving Aids
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Schools still offer driver education programs, but they are little more than glorified safety courses, and only teach students the very basics about what an automobile is capable of. Hell, I know when I first learned how to drive I didn’t know shit, and because of that I promptly totaled out my first car. Regardless, I’m curious as to what everyone’s opinions are as it pertains to the driving aids that today’s cars employ. I also want to know if you think we should be able to turn them off and in the end, if new drivers really need to learn how to drive a car in a world that is taking driving out of the equation.

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