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Enraged Hammer Wielding Man Attacks Speed Camera

Posted in Bizarre, Funny, General, Jeep, News, Traffic by Leigh | July 7th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Baltimore-Washington Parkway

Photo credit: Ann Heisenfelt / AP

Since 11:30 Wednesday morning, police have been searching for a man who attacked a white Jeep Liberty housing a speed camera that was parked in a work zone on the Baltimore Washington Parkway.  Apparently, the man, who appeared to have been in his 60s and was oddly wearing a flannel shirt in 90 degree weather, came storming out of the woods with a shotgun and used the weapon to angrily tap on the vehicle, which startled a contractor who was inside the Jeep.  The contractor hit the horn, and at that point, the man started screaming and smashed the windshield in with a hammer. The man eventually fled into the woods.

No one really knows what his motive was, though a fair guess is that he was pissed at the speed camera.  Now, like many people, I hate speed cameras, but I don’t think that camera on the BW deserved his wrath.  It’s at a work zone, there are plenty of signs warning of the use of speed cameras, and even a radar speed sign that tells you how fast you’re going.  Plus, the fine is only $40 and no points.  What I find more deserving of said wrath are the Honda Odysseys on the BW that drive in both lanes at the same exact speed below the speed limit.  Or the tour buses that do the same thing.  Or the drivers who just cut onto the parkway without looking despite the yield signs and the lack of a merging lane.  Or the people in the shitbox 30 year old Pontiacs that are ALWAYS broken down in one of the two lanes, annihilating any naive hope anyone might have for a pleasant drive.  In other words, unless you enjoy cutting yourself, avoid the Baltimore Washington Parkway.  If the interminable traffic doesn’t get to you, a hammer-wielding lunatic just might.


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