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BMW: Wherever You Want To Go

As one of the most influential automakers in the world, BMW is known for designing vehicles that have provoked emotion, desire and more importantly have redefined the way we move. Wherever You Want To Go is a new franchise to be released under BMW Documentaries that is meant to take audiences to a place that they’ve never been to: the future. Many of us have ideas on what the future of mobility will be. Some of us view transportation as the continued development and evolution of the automobile. Others see it as a fully electronic society where the conventional car as we know it is completely removed from the equation.

The goal of this four part series is simple: Ask the right questions from the right people in an attempt to generate discussion, provoke thought and stir the imagination.

The first film of the series debuts Tuesday, February 1st, with subsequent films debuting February 8th, 15th and 22nd. View the trailer by clicking or on the image above.

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