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Bremach’s T. Rex: An EV Alternative To The Unimog?

Posted in 4x4, Electric Vehicles, Off-Roading, Other Rides, Trucks by Kurt Ernst | April 10th, 2011 | 3 Responses |

Image: Bremach USA

If you wanted a go-anywhere truck to haul you and your stuff out where the busses don’t run, Mercedes-Benz’s Unimog is perhaps the best choice in the world. What if you’re concerned with saving the planet, even after the zombie apocalypse, and you prefer your heavy duty 4×4 truck in EV flavor? Until now, you were out of luck, but Bremach is looking to change that with their T.Rex. Sure, you can still get it in fossil fuel versions (one variant comes equipped with a 6.0 liter Chevy V8), but tree hugging survivalists can also opt for a hybrid version, a compressed natural gas version or a full-on EV model.

Image: Bremach USA

How you’ll generate electricity when the world comes to an end is your problem, but the electric T. Rex is said to have a 150 mile range under “work conditions”. Bremach doesn’t define those conditions clearly, but it’s safe to assume they include hauling loads and climbing steep grades. The T. Rex comes standard with top-shelf hardware, including Brembo brakes and Bosch 4-Channel ABS. All variants use environmentally friendly synthetic lubricants and “green” fluids, and the Chevy V8 version still gets an estimated 20 MPG on the highway.

Image: Bremach USA

Bremach has been around for some six decades, even though the Italian manufacturer is virtually unknown in the United States. Like the Unimog, a T. Rex can be configured for virtually any off-road task, and specific variants are built for military, search and rescue and fire-fighting applications. All this functionality doesn’t come cheap, and the T. Rex carries a price tag on par with the Unimog; a heavily optioned EV T. Rex will sticker out at over $120,000, but you get the benefit of knowing your hard earned cash is saving the planet. Even after the zombies take it over.


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