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Can One Car Do it All?

Posted in Best of, Car Buying, General, Rants & Raves by MrAngry | January 30th, 2012 | 11 Responses |

Do it All Car

If you’re into motor sports, you’re on a budget, and you can only afford one car, then the odds of you wanting something that can do it all are probably pretty high. This is exactly where I fall and I’ll be honest, it’s a total bitch trying to find the right ride. For instance, say you have a budget of $30K and you’re looking for something with 4 seats, great track manners and overall usability. The choices are unfortunately somewhat limited. Cars like Subaru’s WRX and the Mazda Speed3 kinda’ fit the bill, but at days end they’ll always leave you wanting more and are cramped inside. Then there’s the Ford Mustang GT. A car with gobs of power and a decent suspension, but back seats that will only fit those with no legs. I thought I’d found a solution in my Dodge Magnum SRT8, but while fast and totally usable, it handles like a tugboat on the racetrack. So the question remains, is there truly a do it all automobile?

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