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Carbon Fiber Renard GT can be yours for only $96,000.

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Renard GT

If you’ve ever wanted to know what a ridiculously expensive motorcycle looks like, well then, here you go. This is the Renard GT, a bike that’s made in a little country called Estonia and comes with a price tag of $96,000.00. The Renard GT is marketed as a grand touring power cruiser with “sporty” abilities. What that means to me is that they’ve created a motorcycle that is relatively quick and goes around corners just as good as anything that is already mass produced, but for 10 times the price. Granted, the Renard GT is in fact a pretty trick machine. For instance its carbon fiber monocoque chassis only weighs a tick over 24 pounds and is reinforced with kevlar to quell bumps and vibration. It also has 3D designed CNC machined
hardened aluminum components that are milled from a solid block, as well as a suspension system that is adjustable in three dimensions.

Renard GT

Power wise however the bike uses a lump that has basically been around since the late 1960’s. Moto Guzzi’s 90° V2 engine powers the Renard GT to the tune of around 125 hp, which, lets be honest, isn’t a whole lot in today’s day and age. Top speed is said to be around 140 mph… again, that’s not too impressive for a bike that costs almost $100k. Now I’m sure there are those individuals out there that will pony up the cash just to say that they own one of the most extravagant motorcycles in all the world. If it were me though, I’d just go out and buy the new Ducati Diavel and be done with it. It’s a quarter the price, and in my opinion looks a helluva lot better.


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