Patrol Vehicle Operation: 1960’s Style

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Old Patrol

Body roll, bias-ply tires and brakes so bad that maybe you’d get one or two good stops out of them before the pedal went to the floor. These were the Police cars of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Cars like the Dodge Monaco and Plymouth Satellite graced patrol fleets across the United States. They were big, lumbering beasts, but then again so was everything else on the road. The following film demonstrates not only how bad these cars actually were, but more so, how good patrol officers had to be to drive them!


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California Highway Patrol Cars – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Dodge Polara CHP

If you’re like me then you can pretty much tell any type of police cruiser from the way the headlights look in your rear view mirror. Be it a Ford Crown Victoria, Mustang, Dodge Charger or even the Chevrolet Camaro’s that were used in the 1990’s, a good driver was always on the look out for these bad boys. Jay Leno recently had a chance to meet up with CHP Captain Matt Guthrie and former commissioner Spike Helmick, as well as five of the finest patrol cars of the last 40 years. This is a very cool episode of , so make sure to click through and check it out.


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Florence Police Pursuit: Through Our Eyes

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Police Pursuit

What you are about to witness is a first person view of a police pursuit as seen through the eyes of a motorcycle officer. The chase started when Police Motor Officer Troy Gurley spotted 24 year-old Justin O. Sanders speeding by him in a Mazda3. Officer Gurley proceeded to pursue Mr. Sanders on his bike and at times, the pursuit got downright scary. Remember, Officer Gurley is on a motorcycle which means no doors, airbags or external protection of any kind, something that made him very vulnerable to not only the speeding car, but other traffic as well. Generally when we see police chases they’re viewed from dash mounted cameras, however in this case, seeing it through a helmet cam gives this chase an entirely different look and feel.

Source: Autoblog.com

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Tomorrow’s Breathalyzer May Read Your Fingerprint

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TruTouch's current fingertip BAC detector.

Imagine having to scan your fingerprint before you can start your car, to determine if your blood-alcohol content (BAC) is within legal limits. Automotive suppliers Takata and TruTouch have just received a $2.25 million grant from the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety (ACTS) to further development of a system that would do just that. In the not-too-distant future, the technology could be voluntarily implemented on new cars, or mandated for use by those previously convicted of drunk driving. Read More…

Ford’s New Police Interceptors Get ‘Pursuit Certified’

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That's a cop car? Damn... Image: Ford Motor Company

With the recent death of the Crown Victoria, Ford is looking to remind police agencies from coast to coast that it still builds police cars. Coincidentally, the Michigan State Police have just certified both the Sedan and Utility versions of the Ford Police Interceptor as “pursuit certified.” We don’t know exactly what that means, other than both vehicles have passed tests for acceleration, handling and braking, but we’re sure of this: we’re not going to try and outrun either version. Read More…

Hey New York: Squeegee Professionals Are In Demand!

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Image: Leo-setä

Good news, squeegee operators: the squeegee man, once the symbols of a collapsed economy and moral decay in New York City, is back. It’s time to break out those filthy jeans and your best lice-covered hoodie and hit the streets, because the good old days (and by that I mean bad old days) are here again. Talking Points Memo reports that the once endangered species is back with a vengeance, here to spread grime on your windshield and key your car if you don’t tip generously enough. Read More…

Allstate Confirms: Washington, DC Drivers Are The Worst

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Image: Yuri Long

If, for some unknown reason, you really want to get into a car accident, the best place in the country to live is Washington, DC. In DC, your chance of having an accident goes up by 107 percent compared to the national average, which probably explains why so many law firms call DC home. Read More…

Would You Buy An Old Police Car?

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Chevy Impala’s, Dodge Charger’s, and of course the iconic Ford Crown Victoria, all cars that have been known to strike fear into those who have seen them in their rear view mirrors. These three giants are the main rides for law enforcement fleets here in the United States and are key components when it comes to crime prevention. The Ford Crown Victoria for example, is probably one of the toughest vehicles on the planet Earth. It’s big and reliable and at days end has the ability to dish out some serious pain when called upon to do so. But what about when their service lives are over, what then? Some of course are sold at auctions to taxi fleets around the country, while a few others manage to find their way into private hands. I had an acquaintance who used to own an ex-state police Chevrolet Impala back in the early 90’s. It was turd brown with poverty caps over steel wheels and a spotlight on the drivers door. Was it pretty? Um… no. But I’d be lying if I said that we didn’t feel like rock stars when we cruised around in that thing.
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NICB Releases Their 2011 “Hot Wheels” List

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau keeps tab on things like car theft by state without regard to a vehicles insured status. That’s significant, because it looks at ALL car thefts, not just those that were reported to an insurance company. Each year, the NICB publishes a list of the most stolen vehicles in the United States, and the top 10 may come as a surprise.

There aren’t any exotics or luxury cars on the list, and the most valuable car in the top 10 probably doesn’t crack the $10,000 barrier. These aren’t cars stolen to order by gangs who specialize in shipping containers of hot cars to South America; instead, they’re cars that get snatched because they’re easy to steal, or have parts common to a wide range of other vehicles. Read More…

Motorcycle Cop May Be The Best Rider I’ve Ever Seen

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I’ve always said that motorcycle cops are some of the best riders on the planet. Their training course, in virtually any department, is among the most challenging things you can do in law enforcement. These guys throw around 700 pound Harleys like they were scooters, and their low-speed bike handling skills are second to none.

This video comes from a recent “rodeo” event in Grand Prairie, TX. I’ve been riding for a lot of years, and I’ll say this flat out: I doubt I could run the course without hitting a cone on a 250cc bike, let alone a full size Harley. I know for certain that I couldn’t match this guy’s time, no matter what I was riding. Despite the comments at the end of the video, a single training course won’t have you riding like this: what you see here takes years of practice, and a lot of low speed crashing. Read More…