Motorcycle Safety: Think! Don’t ride too fast

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Motorcycle Safety

When I first moved to California I was taken by surprise at the number of motorcycles that lane split. Now granted, it is legal to do that out here, but generally it’s to be done as a way of alleviating traffic and should be done safely. The majority of riders though seem to throw caution to the wind and simply run through traffic at highway speeds. This is not only dangerous, but irresponsible as well. A new ad for Transport for London (TfL) is aimed at giving riders a unique perspective as to the consequences of being overzealous on the throttle during traffic. It’s not subtle, but it does get the message across.


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Stupidy at its finest: Saudi Style

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Two Wheeled Fail

From practicing drifting on public highways, to performing balancing acts on two wheels, the young men of Saudi Arabia have perfected the art of being jackasses on the open road. Check it out after the jump.


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Britain Looks At Raising Speed Limit

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Image: Flickr user Alan Cleaver

Today, the fastest speed you can legally travel on a highway in the United Kingdom is 70 miles per our. Like our own 55 mile per hour speed limit (or our current 70 mph speed limits), the number is considered by most drivers to be a suggestion, not an absolute. Reflecting this, Britain’s Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond, has announced his intention to raise the UK’s maximum speed limit to 80 miles per hour, beginning in 2013. Read More…

Too Much Information: Banned Florida Plates

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States are getting smarter when it comes to vanity plates, and the days when you could sneak a tag like A55 MAN past the DMV are long gone. Ditto with FOR PLAY, which really can have a relatively innocent meaning on a Jeep or sports car (though probably not on a Harley). Still, you’d be amazed at the tags people request, assuming that no one at the state motor vehicle office is paying attention. Read More…

Tomorrow’s Breathalyzer May Read Your Fingerprint

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TruTouch's current fingertip BAC detector.

Imagine having to scan your fingerprint before you can start your car, to determine if your blood-alcohol content (BAC) is within legal limits. Automotive suppliers Takata and TruTouch have just received a $2.25 million grant from the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety (ACTS) to further development of a system that would do just that. In the not-too-distant future, the technology could be voluntarily implemented on new cars, or mandated for use by those previously convicted of drunk driving. Read More…

Hey New York: Squeegee Professionals Are In Demand!

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Image: Leo-setä

Good news, squeegee operators: the squeegee man, once the symbols of a collapsed economy and moral decay in New York City, is back. It’s time to break out those filthy jeans and your best lice-covered hoodie and hit the streets, because the good old days (and by that I mean bad old days) are here again. Talking Points Memo reports that the once endangered species is back with a vengeance, here to spread grime on your windshield and key your car if you don’t tip generously enough. Read More…

How Much Do YOU Love Tofu?

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When it comes to diets, I’m an omnivore leaning towards the meatitarian side. I’ve tried tofu, which is essentially congealed soy milk, and to me it’s always tasted like sweat socks cooked in dishwater. That’s when it tastes like anything at all, which it usually doesn’t; imagine my surprise, then, when a vegetarian and PETA member in Tennessee purchased a license plate that read “I Love Tofu.” Read More…

Nick Heidfeld Reaches Settlement With Lotus Renault

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Nick Heidfeld leads Heikki Kovalainen in Malaysia. Image: Morio

Nick Heidfeld has settled his contract dispute with Lotus Renault out of court, and there’s no chance the German driver will be back in the seat of a Lotus Renault this season. Heidfeld was abruptly terminated by Lotus Renault following the Hungarian Grand Prix (where his car caught fire at pit exit, thanks to a broken exhaust), which breached the contract given to Heidfeld at the start of the 2011 season. Heidfeld was substituting for Lotus Renault driver Robert Kubica, who was critically injured in a rally car accident before the start of the 2011 F1 season. Read More…

Will Power Learns That Flipping The Double Bird Can Be Expensive

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Will Power on a calmer day. Image: Manningmbd

IndyCar’s return to Loudon, New Hampshire was far more memorable for crashes and bad officiating than it was for the actual race itself. By the time a passing shower caused officials to throw a yellow flag in the closing laps, it looked certain that the race would end under yellow. That may be the safe way to do things, but it isn’t the exciting way to end a race, so IndyCar decided to throw a green flag despite a wet track and steady rain. Read More…

Nick Heidfeld Sues Lotus Renault

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Nick Heidfeld in Malaysia, 2011. Image: Morio

If you need soap-opera drama, look no rather than Formula One’s Team Lotus-Renault. First it was the signing of Bruno Senna, the nephew of Formula One great Ayrton Senna, at the beginning of the season. Senna had raced for perennial back marker HRT in 2010, managing no better than a 14th place finish during the season. Senna was brought on, to much fanfare, to be a test and development driver for the team; in other words, he was being groomed to take the driver’s seat at some point in Lotus Renault’s future.

Then came Lotus-Renault driver Robert Kubica’s horrific crash in a rally event during the off-season. Even the most optimistic of projections had Kubica missing the bulk of the 2011 season, while the worst-case scenario said that Kubica’s racing days were over. Clearly a backup driver was needed, and the list of experienced, talented and unemployed Formula One drivers is indeed a short one.

Enter Nick Heidfeld, a driver with ten years worth of F1 experience and numerous podium finishes, but no race wins. In February, Lotus Renault hired Heidfeld to take Kubica’s seat for the 2011 season, driving with teammate Vitaly Petrov. Heidfeld did well in the early part of the season, scoring a podium finish in Malaysia. Since Turkey, he’s managed to place no higher than 8th, and he’s racked up three DNFs in the last five races. When he finishes, he’s consistently doing better than Petrov, but that’s apparently not good enough for Lotus Renault.

Whether due to politics or strategy, Heidfeld has been benched by the team for at least the next two races, replaced by Bruno Senna. Heidfeld has sued the team, alleging breach of contract, but no resolution is expected prior to the conclusion of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. The best case has Heidfeld out for two races, returning to a team he just filed suit against. The worst case has Heidfeld’s season, and possibly his F1 career, ending with a DNF in the 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix.

For a driver of Heidfeld’s talent, that’s one hell of a way to hang up your Nomex.