5 Tools That Changed the Detailing Industry: /DRIVE CLEAN

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If you’re into automotive detailing then there is no better place to broaden your knowledge base then /DRIVE Clean on Youtube’s DRIVE Network. Master detailer Larry Kosilla breaks down how to expertly care for your car in a way that even the most inept human being can understand. On this episode Kosilla explains the 5 Tools That Changed the Detailing Industry. Make sure to check it out after the jump.

The purpose of this episode is to provide you with an overview of the top 5 detailing tools that have heavily changed the approach and techniques of modern detailers. Along the way we intend to provide you with a brief explanation of what makes these products so revolutionary and how they have changed best-practices in the detailing industry. These breakthroughs are also to be credited for cutting down on time as well as increasing safety and execution levels across the paint correction process. - Larry Kosilla, Founder /


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Flying bicycles? This could be bad!

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Flying Bicycles

Back in the 1950’s the general public believed that by the year 2000 we’d be moving around in flying cars. Thankfully this never materialized as I have a feeling that the death toll amongst inept drivers/pilots would be through the roof. What about flying bicycles though? For most of us the idea seems absurd, but there are those who believe there is merit to these contraptions. With the advent of light and powerful electric motors, making this happen could actually become a reality. The question though is – should it?


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Interior Smoke Removal Tricks: Mercedes AMG G55

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Climbing into a car that’s filled with the scent of dirty cigarettes is one of the most unpleasant experiences one can have. What’s even more annoying is trying to get that smell out of the vehicle once it’s permeated itself into the cars fabric covered surfaces. Larry Kosilla (the world’s greatest detailer) of and is here to show us how to get your ride smelling like new again so you and your family can go back to driving without smelling like a dirty ashtray. Check it out after the jump.


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6 minutes of slow motion awesomeness!

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Slow Motion Phantom Camera

There is really not much to be said here except that everything looks cooler in slow motion…

Click through and enjoy.


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Taro Russell: Heart and Soul of Motorbikes

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Taro Russell

The thing about being a motorcyclist is that we know something that car guys will never understand. That being, that the motorcycle, when ridden properly becomes an extension of your being. You see every input that one makes has a direct effect on the machine that you’re riding. The simple action of leaning left or right for instance will dictate in which direction the bike goes. There are no walls here, no seat belts and or no barriers. It’s just you, the bike and that wonderful road ahead. Award winning producer and director Taro Russell recently let us in on his vision of that sacred relationship that exists between man and machine in his new video, “Heart and Soul of Motorbikes”.


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Virgin Galactic Prepares to Blast Off

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Virgin Galactic Spaceport

Well, it’s official. Virgin Galactic has opened the worlds first spaceport in New Mexico. The $200m state funded project was agreed upon back in 2005 and covers a 27 sq. mile parcel of land known as “The Land of Enchantment”. This is pretty big news when you get right down to it, because billionaire businessman Richard Branson is now the first man to actually privatize space travel. Tickets are selling for a mere $200,000 a seat, and while that won’t get you to the moon, that will get you about 60 miles straight up where you’ll be able to float around weightless for a few minutes. Now while $200,000 may seem like a bunch of moola’ for most people, rest assured that there are plenty of people that will see this as a bargain and take full advantage of being one of the first private citizens in space.

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Mercedes-Benz Shows Us The Car Of 2036

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By 2036, I think that most transportation will involve horses and ox carts, but Mercedes-Benz has a more pleasant and upbeat view of the future. Debuting at this week’s Frankfurt Auto Show is Mercedes’ F 125 Concept, which shows the possible future of motorized transportation, as interpreted by Mercedes Benz. Read More…

Ever Wonder What A Drop Of Oil Sees Inside An Engine?

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Let’s face it: the inside of an engine is a pretty terrifying place, filled with explosions, violent movement and temperatures hot enough to melt lead. We’ve all seen animated clips of how engines work from the inside, but this one, created by Mobil 1, gives a slightly different perspective. If you’ve ever wondered what a molecule of motor oil sees after it gets sucked from the oil pan and travels through the top end, before returning to the oil pan, this animated short will give you a good idea.

Whether you opt to use a synthetic or petroleum oil, regular oil and filter changes are the key to long engine life. Think of it as inexpensive insurance, with a premium due every 5,000 miles or so.

3D Printer Opens Up The Imagination

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3D Printer

When we think of printing we naturally think of the printers that we have at home or at work. They print in standard 2D and are great little machines, however their basic function hasn’t changed since the 1960’s. That’s where a company called the Z Company comes in. You see they’ve developed a printer that can actually print in 3 dimensions, in fact this sucker is so cool that it truly has the ability to revolutionize how certain items can be produced. The process starts by scanning in a 3D image of the item that you want replicated. Once into the system, the item is then slowly molded out of an epoxy powder into just about anything you can imagine. While not yet available on a mass scale, the 3D printer gives us all a little glimpse of what we could possibly see in the future.
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Can You Really Blow Up A Car With A Bullet?

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As both a car guy and a firearms instructor, I cringe every time I see a car explode when it hits the base of a cliff, or when someone fires a round from a handgun or rifle into the gas tank. If cars were really as prone to explosions as Hollywood would like us to believe, we’d be driving past crispy hunks of metal on a daily basis. In the interest of science, Speed TV’s series “Car Science” pitted an expert shot (who, incidentally, looks pretty hot in tight leather pants) against a Fox-body Mustang. Will a .357 Magnum be enough to send the ‘Stang to the great wrecking yard in the sky? How about an M4 assault rifle or a .308 sniper rifle? I’m not going to give it away, but you may learn something by watching the video below. Read More…