Motorcycle Safety: Think! Don’t ride too fast

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Motorcycle Safety

When I first moved to California I was taken by surprise at the number of motorcycles that lane split. Now granted, it is legal to do that out here, but generally it’s to be done as a way of alleviating traffic and should be done safely. The majority of riders though seem to throw caution to the wind and simply run through traffic at highway speeds. This is not only dangerous, but irresponsible as well. A new ad for Transport for London (TfL) is aimed at giving riders a unique perspective as to the consequences of being overzealous on the throttle during traffic. It’s not subtle, but it does get the message across.


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Are Prius Drivers the Worst Offenders?

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Toyota Prius

Ever since I moved out to the West Coast I’ve been noticing a trend amongst those who drive hybrids and electric cars. For one, they’re generally more aggressive behind the wheel and two, they seem to feel that because they drive an economy car that this gives them the right to act like complete assholes on the open road. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to fracture an occasional traffic law from time to time, but these hybrid drivers, especially those who pilot the Toyota Prius, are in a class by themselves. On the highway for instance it’s more often than not that I see Prius drivers motoring at 80-85 mph through traffic. I’ve been flashed by them, tailgated by them and even flicked off by a few. I’ve also been chastised by owners while getting coffee for driving what they consider to be gas guzzling automobiles.

Back in NYC the Prius driver used these cars as they were intended – to get great economy. They drove them in a normal fashion and simply enjoyed their little hybrids. Out here in California though it’s almost as if owners used them as a way to be passive aggressive on the open road – “Yes of course I’m speeding and driving erratically, but I drive a Prius, so it’s ok…” Now I suppose I could be imagining this, but I highly doubt it. What I’m curious to know is, has anyone out there experienced a similar occurrence or am I the only one?

The Rise of Autonomous Cars

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Just when the lightening speed of technological advancement seemed incapable of increasing, news of the autonomous car began circulating. While it sounds like something right out of a science fiction story, skeptics must remember that much of technology today began as a dream.

The autonomous car is just that: a car that “thinks” and acts on its own. While still in the developmental stages, autonomous cars are fast gaining traction in the world of today.

Currently, every state except Nevada has outlawed driverless cars. Those in favor of the cars, such as the scientists and engineers developing them, point out that robot cars can monitor 360 degrees at the same time, and are not distracted like human drivers. While often remind drivers not to drive while distracted or sleepy, drivers often do. An autonomous car would never suffer those feelings. And, as far as science has taken technology, it is still impossible for a robot to drive while intoxicated.

Roughly 40,000 people die in car accidents every year. Autonomous cars would remove driver error, reducing these fatalities, say supporters. Despite critics, developers are testing more and more autonomous cars. In fact, Google has had a semi-secret project in the works for several years, clocking over 140,000 miles on seven cars with only minimal driver control. The only accident that occurred was a human rear-ending a robot car.

So what does that mean for the average driver today?

A specific objection raised against the driverless car is:

  • Robots do not have the instinct of human drivers

This is true. However, allows for a driver to take control with the touch of a button, much like cruise control. This is especially handy when others nearby do not follow laws, like bicyclists running red lights.

  • Higher cost than regular cars

With more technology, especially new technology in these cars, the autonomous car would likely cost more, at least to begin with.

Some possible benefits from autonomous cars include:

  • Fewer accident-related deaths

This is by far the best-selling point of a robot car. With safer travel, fewer people would die in senseless traffic accidents.

  • Fewer traffic accidents

While autonomous cars do mimic the responses of humans, they are not prone to driver error, nor will they fall asleep at the wheel, drive drunk, or get distracted by passengers and other atmospheric distractions.

  • Lower insurance costs

With fewer accidents, insurance premiums would drop, since the companies would have fewer claims to pay.

  • Less traffic

 would be able to drive closer together, speeding up transit time and allowing the maximum use of the roadway.

With Nevada leading the pack and more and more people realizing the great number of benefits which could come with driverless cars (a drawing board idea since the 1930s), before long we will see more and more of these cars on the streets.

Man Driving 154 mph Before Fatal Crash Pleads Guilty

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Car Accident

The simple question is why? Why the hell was someone driving at over 150 mph on a stretch of public road. It’s no secret that many of today’s cars are capable of diving deep into the triple digits, but there are times and places to do this. Last October, on a stretch of Interstate 71 running towards Nashville, TN Stanley Ivey was driving his modified Mustang at over 150 mph when he collided with a disabled motorist whose car burst into flames. The motorist, one James Lester, burned to death inside his car. Ivey, who was driving 89 mph over the legal speed limit at the time of impact, suffered some injuries, but nothing life threatening. He is now facing 11.5 years in prison. People, we have places like road courses and drag strips for you to screw around on, so please do us a all a favor and try to drive responsibly on our public roads.

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Which States Have The Highest Speed Limits?

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Image: Pat Hawks

From 1974 though 1987, 55 miles per hour was the national speed limit. In the early days, the limit almost made sense, since those were the dark times between our first and second gas crisises. Back then, most cars on the road weren’t getting 30 miles per gallon, so restricting speed in the name of fuel savings became the logical thing to do. Somewhere along the line, groups embraced the 55 mile per hour speed limit since it was “safer” than the old 70 mile per hour limit. When the double-nickel fell in 1987, those opposed to raising the national speed limit predicted carnage, death and highways flowing red with blood. Read More…

Enraged Hammer Wielding Man Attacks Speed Camera

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Baltimore-Washington Parkway

Photo credit: Ann Heisenfelt / AP

Since 11:30 Wednesday morning, police have been searching for a man who attacked a white Jeep Liberty housing a speed camera that was parked in a work zone on the Baltimore Washington Parkway.  Apparently, the man, who appeared to have been in his 60s and was oddly wearing a flannel shirt in 90 degree weather, came storming out of the woods with a shotgun and used the weapon to angrily tap on the vehicle, which startled a contractor who was inside the Jeep.  The contractor hit the horn, and at that point, the man started screaming and smashed the windshield in with a hammer. The man eventually fled into the woods.

No one really knows what his motive was, though a fair guess is that he was pissed at the speed camera.  Now, like many people, I hate speed cameras, but I don’t think that camera on the BW deserved his wrath.  It’s at a work zone, there are plenty of signs warning of the use of speed cameras, and even a radar speed sign that tells you how fast you’re going.  Plus, the fine is only $40 and no points.  What I find more deserving of said wrath are the Honda Odysseys on the BW that drive in both lanes at the same exact speed below the speed limit.  Or the tour buses that do the same thing.  Or the drivers who just cut onto the parkway without looking despite the yield signs and the lack of a merging lane.  Or the people in the shitbox 30 year old Pontiacs that are ALWAYS broken down in one of the two lanes, annihilating any naive hope anyone might have for a pleasant drive.  In other words, unless you enjoy cutting yourself, avoid the Baltimore Washington Parkway.  If the interminable traffic doesn’t get to you, a hammer-wielding lunatic just might.


OnStar Coming to Cars Everywhere… for $299.00.

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OnStar Logo

Have you ever been in a newer GM vehicle only to look up and see four buttons on the bottom of your rear view mirror? Well, for those who don’t know what those are, I’m here to tell you. That was , a service that until recently, was only found in GM vehicles. OnStar is an automated system that works through your cars rear view mirror and provides the vehicles owner with a host of different remote services. Things like automatic crash response, emergency services, stolen vehicle location assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, roadside assistance and hands-free calling are all available. Over the years OnStar has proven itself to be one of the best systems out there, and now, thanks to a deal between GM and Best Buy, it will finally be available to customers who own automobiles other than those built by GM.
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Colored Asphalt Warns Drivers Of Speed Limit Changes

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Image: Gulf News

Here’s an interesting concept: rather than relying on signage to convey a drop in the speed limit, officials in Abu Dhabi City have paved stretches of road in red asphalt (not to be confused with the driver’s education horror film, “Red Asphalt”) to warn drivers of the change. Signage is still posted, and the new speed limit is also painted on the road surface, giving drivers three clear indicators of the change in speed. Since the new system only went into effect last Saturday (New Year’s Day), it’s too early to tell if it’s had an impact on reducing speeds, but it certainly is eye catching.

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Are You a Parking Lot Abuser?

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I was heading into the grocery store the other night when I saw something that made my jaw drop. A lady, apparently deciding that the cart-return was too far away, decided to give her shopping cart a solid heave… right through the sporadically parked cars in the back half of the lot.

The cart, as Wally-World carts often do, immediately hooked a left into oncoming traffic, causing a guy to slam on his brakes to avoid a collision. The lady, either too callous or too oblivious, pulled away with nary a glance at the narrowly avoided impact.

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The BOND Bike, For Those With Truly Heinous Commutes

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Do you bicycle to work in Afghanistan? Liberia? Somalia? Manhattan? Are drivers of cars constantly trying new things to kill you, and can you not leave you bike unattended for more than 15 seconds without getting it stolen? Then prepare to take notes, since I’ve got your next ride right here.

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