Fatlace TV – Slammed Society & Hellaflush Japan 2013

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Hella Flush

There are some automotive trends that I just don’t get. Spinners for instance (remember those) was one. The import fart can revolution was another and now there’s this Hellaflush thing, which for the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone would want to do this to their automobile. Yes, it looks pretty good, but from a driving and handling perspective, it simply ruins the vehicle. The guys at FatlaceTV did however make a kick-ass film of the Slammed Society & Hellaflush that took place at the infamous Fuji Speedway in Japan, so I suppose that’s something.


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Donks, I’m confused.

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These days it’s hard to say what constitutes good automotive taste. I mean with new trends coming and going faster than a fart in the wind, determining what’s acceptable isn’t as easy as it used to be. Things like spinner rims, fart-can exhausts and massive tachometers on the dashboards of 4-bangers have thankfully all come and gone. However there’s one trend that’s been sticking around for far too long – DONKS. This is a trend whereby cars are jacked up to the moon and then fitted with a minimum of a 24″ rim and tire combo. They’re ugly, dangerous and at days end, simply ruin any type of performance the car may or may not have had. Personally, I think they’re awful and because of that I’m looking for someone to explain why they’re attractive. So… anyone? Can anyone at all tell me why this trend has been around for so long.

You’re Doing it Wrong: Camaro On 32’s

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Camaro On 32's

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to ruin your car with one simple modification, then look no further. What you are witnessing are two Chevrolet Camaro’s that have been modded with 32-inch rims. On the side they now have more ground clearance then most 4×4’s, but on the downside I doubt their local Chevrolet dealership is going to honor their 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.


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Where Does It End? Hyundai Working On 10 Speed Gearbox

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Hyundai's eight-speed equipped Genesis R-Spec

For a lot of years, a three speed automatic gearbox was considered the norm. Then came the four-speed automatic, in use until recently in cars like the Hyundai Accent and even the Chevy Impala. Four speeds became five speeds, which in turn gave way to six and even seven speed gearboxes. Then Chrysler announced that a ZF-built unit would carry eight speeds, and Ford countered with an eight-speed gearbox of its own. Read More…

Function Over Form Or Form Over Function: Which Are You?

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Form over function... Image: Flickr user yapsnaps

There’s a fairly active Volkswagen community in Jacksonville, and the guys from Stateside Euro are regular attendees at the monthly Cars & Coffee event here. All are well versed in their rides, and can fill you in on an incredible amount of obscure detail about Volkswagen and their specific year, make, and model. Most have invested a significant amount of scratch in their rides, and by anyone’s definition of the word, these guys are hardcore enthusiasts. Read More…

Hey New York: Squeegee Professionals Are In Demand!

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Image: Leo-setä

Good news, squeegee operators: the squeegee man, once the symbols of a collapsed economy and moral decay in New York City, is back. It’s time to break out those filthy jeans and your best lice-covered hoodie and hit the streets, because the good old days (and by that I mean bad old days) are here again. Talking Points Memo reports that the once endangered species is back with a vengeance, here to spread grime on your windshield and key your car if you don’t tip generously enough. Read More…

Akatuki4 Asks: Would You Buy A Car Without A Test Drive?

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Image: comedy_nose

According to Lease Trader, the number of consumers taking over leases without test driving the car has climbed from 3 percent in 2007 to some 6.5 percent today. The company explains the growth as a by-product of internet research, since customers can now learn everything there is to know about a particular year make and model from the privacy of their own home. Many lease acquisitions are for short periods of time, too, so even if a vehicle isn’t everything its cracked up to be, those assuming a lease have relatively little risk. Read More…

What Economic Collapse? Porsche Sales Up 42% In U.S.

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Porsche's Cayenne Turbo. Image: Porsche AG

In the first half of 2011, the U.S. lost more jobs, unemployment continued to rise and gas approached near record pricing. Wall Street went from being optimistic about a recovery to shedding jobs at an alarming level, as even those in finance prepared to man the lifeboats. It’s bleak out there for those of us trying to scratch out a living, but one segment of the population appears to be completely unfazed. The rich, it appears, really do get richer, and Porsche sales are up 42 percent in the U.S. market. Read More…

Adult Supervision Required?

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Image: HotRod

Some nannies are young, pretty, glorified babysitters, irresistible apparently to half of Hollywood husbands.  Others have .  Still others are reliable and practical like the HBIC Mary Poppins.  But this post isn’t about them.  This post is about the bane of a gearhead’s existence: the automotive nannies that car makers insist on shoving into their offerings in ever-increasing numbers year after year.  If, like me, you read the interwebz for your daily auto news fix, you’ve likely noticed the proliferation of articles dedicated to reminding us the Apocalypse is surely nigh, because how else can one explain the need for half of these devices? Read More…

Admit It – You’ve Thought Of Trying This

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The commercial below makes a simple point: Audi is pirating customers away from BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. It does so in a brilliant and entertaining manner, depicting a BMW driver who literally “jumps ship” to Audi. Watch the video below and tell me that you’ve never pondered the same thing on a road trip, usually with someone else driving. I’m not sure I’d go out the sunroof myself, since the window seems like a much safer bet. Watch the video below, but I definitely don’t recommend you try this stunt yourself. Read More…