Hayabusa Powered Golf Cart?

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Busa Cart

If you’re a golfer then you know that the most fun you can have during your round is when you’re driving the cart. Take that away and you’re really just having a long walk while carrying a heavy bag with some sticks in it. If however you were to take the best part of the game (the cart) and infuse it with a little Japanese engineering by way of a Hayabusa engine, well then NOW you could have a game that’s truly exciting!


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Hellfire: Turbine-Powered Triumph

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Triumph Spitfire with turbine engine.

The Triumph Spitfire is adorable. It’s perky. It’s sweet. And that’s exactly why it needs a screaming, searing, sky-splitting, pavement-melting turbine engine from a helicopter. The appropriately named StanceWorks forums member  is installing a 320-horsepower Allison T63C18 turbine into a rusty Spitfire as you read this post. Oh, and it’s a senior design project for engineering school. Who said school isn’t any fun?

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DeLorean Boat at McCovey Cove / AT&T Park

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DeLorean Hovercraft

Built by Matthew Riese and making its debut at McCovey Cove in San Francisco, this DeLorean, err, I mean hovercraft, was that star attraction at a recent Giants-Rockies game. Hell, Riese even dressed up as good old Marty Mcfly for the evenings wet and wilf festivities.


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Tri-Axle Two-Stroke Diesel Godzilla

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Deichkraft Diesel

Big and bad ass. That’s the only way to describe this massive tri-axle two-stroke diesel hot rod that was cooked up in Germany by one Carsten Plötner. First off this sucker is downright huge and has a presence that makes all other vehicles run for cover and secondly, for a diesel it’s actually got a pretty hairy exhaust note! Now obviously one would not go about using this as a daily driver, but hey, as a weekend road warrior – why the hell not!


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Pantera Lovers Rejoice: Nero ‘This Must Be the Feeling’

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Welcome to Earth in the way, way, far off distant future. Here, all advertising is done by using neon and holographic signs and all music is distributed by two guys who roam the streets in a De Tomaso Pantera. This is apparently the premise of Nero’s (they’re a band) music video as these are the main ingredients in their newest flick, “This Must Be the Feeling”. Granted the music is not my taste, but hey, there’s a Pantera in it, so what the hell right?


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70 mph Mobility Scooter in the SNOW

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Mobility Scooter

I remember as a kid that every time we used to take the golf carts out at our local country club that the first thing we’d do was wedge a golf T in the governor to make them go faster. As I got older this streak continued. We’d add big exhausts to mopeds, intakes and headers to muscle cars, and nowadays it’s tuning programs to the cars computer system. Now while the technology has changed one thing has remained the same… the need to constantly go faster. What you are about to see is a 70 mph mobility scooter that was built by Colin Furze. Gone are the scooters original rechargeable batteries and in their place lies a 125cc engine that’s been pilfered from a dirt bike. The result is one of the coolest (and most socially irresponsible) play toys on the planet. Click through and enjoy.

Hat tip:

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IGUANA 29: A boat with an inferiority complex.

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Ever look at a vehicle and think WTF? That’s exactly what I was thinking when I first laid eyes on the Iguana 29. The Iguana is an interesting boat in the fact that it employs retractable tank tracks that give it the ability to run up on shore whenever necessary. The problem though is this. In boat mode with the tracks tucked neatly away, the Iguana zips across the water with no problems. However once on shore, it crawls along at a snails pace making it almost useless. I mean yes it has tracks, and yes it’s somewhat inventive, but I honestly can’t think of one application that would warrant the Iguana’s massive $290,000 asking price. In short, the Iguana 29 is nothing more then the answer to the question that nobody asked.

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Chinese Motorcycle Rider Tent Is Big Bowl Of Fail

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Riding a motorcycle in the rain is an acquired taste, since it demands a lot of attention and the careful application of throttle, brakes and steering input. In other parts of the world, like China, riding in the rain is a necessity, not merely an inconvenience. Still, with proper gear like a decent rain suit, you can arrive at your destination in reasonably dry condition. Read More…

Mosler Raptor GTR: 838 Horsepower, Leopard Skin, And Cleavage

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The Mosler Raptor GTR packs 838-horsepower into its 2,580 pound frame, which gives it a horsepower-to-weight ratio some 36-percent better than a Bugatti Veyron. That’s enough to launch the Raptor from 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds, and we’re guessing the car will easily break the 200 mph barrier. If that’s not fast enough for you, Mosler will also build a 1,212 horsepower Raptor GTR, but only in a special “Abby Cubey Edition.” Read More…

Dodge Neons Suffer From Unintended Acceleration, Too

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I’m not sure what’s more frightening: the fact that 86 year old Mary Lee Fine is still driving, or the fact that she really has no idea how she drove her car through a metal fence and into a swimming pool. Luck was on her side, since Fine knocked a metal chair into the pool, which ultimately prevented her car from sinking (and Fine from drowning). Read More…