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Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection – /DRIVE CLEAN

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For some people the thought of buying a used car can be a harrowing ordeal. There are dishonest owners, unscrupulous dealers and cars that have been trashed or abused their entire lives. Larry Kosilla’s DRIVE CLEAN recently debuted its second season on Youtube’s /DRIVE Network, and the first episode deals with exactly this. Kosilla goes through a step-by-step process in regards to not only what you should look for, but how you should get a used car checked out (pre-purchase inspection – PPI) before you actually purchase it.

This is going to be one of the most helpful videos ever posted and something I know you guys will enjoy.


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Bring A Trailer: Petrolicious

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If you’re an avid surfer of automotive content on the internet and you haven’t yet heard of , well then, this is your lucky day. Since 2007 these guys have been showcasing some of the best vintage cars for sale on the web. The key is that they do so in a manner that combines well written descriptions, style and photography so that in a sense you’re reading an article, not just looking at a “For Sale” ad. Click through and check them out!


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Would you if you could?

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LS7 Powered Dodge Charger

Brand loyalty is something that runs rampant in the automotive world and for the life of me I can’t understand why. I mean there are SO many wonderful brands out there that the thought of limiting yourself to one manufacturer simply seems asinine to me. What about combining manufacturers though – would that be something you’d be interested in? Say for instance you were a diehard Volkswagen fan and the engine in your R32 shit the bed. A new engine for that sucker is big money, but what if you had the opportunity to shoehorn in something better – say something American or Japanese for 1/3rd the cost, would you? It’s a tough dilemma I know. I’ve recently been thinking about this very thing as I’m seriously considering ditching the 440 cu-inch big block in my 1968 Charger for a new gen GM-base LS7 aluminum small block. The LS7 is smaller, lighter, more efficient and at days end, makes gobs of power for a lot less money. I’m just not sure I can do it though…

What do you guys think – yes or no?

Jerry Jockeys for the new Acura NSX

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Jerry Seinfeld Acura NSX

It feels as though it’s been far too long since we’ve seen Jerry Seinfeld being funny. In fact, ever since “Seinfeld” ended back in 1998, it seems as though America’s favorite comedian has seemingly vanished. Now however it seems Mr. Jerry is back shilling for Acura and their upcoming NSX super car, which is actually quite amazing since he’s so closely associated with Porsche (he owns like 50 of them). Regardless though it’s just nice to see Jerry back in action doing what he does best – making people laugh.


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Is there anything wrong with automotive cross-breeding?

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*This AMX was powered by a Chevy LS-engine that looks as though it was made to be there – simply stunning conversion!

A few weeks ago I was walking around the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV oogling the thousands of amazing show cars. The entire show is one gigantic aftermarket spectacle that must be seen to be believed, as it showcases just about every trend the automotive spectrum has to offer. One such trend that caught my eye was the crossbreeding of parts (power plants in particular) from one manufacturer to another. For instance, it seemed as though every hot-rod, rat-rod and pro-touring car out there had some type of GM LS motor under the bonnet. Now granted it makes sense, because in the scheme of things, who wouldn’t want a stout 600 hp, aluminum small block under the hood.

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Are Prius Drivers the Worst Offenders?

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Toyota Prius

Ever since I moved out to the West Coast I’ve been noticing a trend amongst those who drive hybrids and electric cars. For one, they’re generally more aggressive behind the wheel and two, they seem to feel that because they drive an economy car that this gives them the right to act like complete assholes on the open road. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to fracture an occasional traffic law from time to time, but these hybrid drivers, especially those who pilot the Toyota Prius, are in a class by themselves. On the highway for instance it’s more often than not that I see Prius drivers motoring at 80-85 mph through traffic. I’ve been flashed by them, tailgated by them and even flicked off by a few. I’ve also been chastised by owners while getting coffee for driving what they consider to be gas guzzling automobiles.

Back in NYC the Prius driver used these cars as they were intended – to get great economy. They drove them in a normal fashion and simply enjoyed their little hybrids. Out here in California though it’s almost as if owners used them as a way to be passive aggressive on the open road – “Yes of course I’m speeding and driving erratically, but I drive a Prius, so it’s ok…” Now I suppose I could be imagining this, but I highly doubt it. What I’m curious to know is, has anyone out there experienced a similar occurrence or am I the only one?

The 2012 Hyundai Veloster – What’s Your Take?

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The 2012 Hyundai Veloster. Image: Hyundai Motor America

I’m heading off to St. Petersburg (Florida, not Russia) later this week to drive the new Hyundai Veloster. Hyundai has a lot riding on it’s funky-fresh hatchback, which features a third door on the passenger side for easy and safe passenger off-loading, Unless you live in a right-hand drive country, in which case the third door may well be for population control. Read More…

Do You Take Automotive Advice?

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Automotive Advice

Giving people advice about automobiles comes with the territory when you’re an automotive journalist. We get questions that range from make, model and performance, to how many cup holders a vehicle has. Personally, I love to throw my thoughts in the ring when applicable and am touched that people trust me for reliable information. There are times however when giving advice can be a double-edged sword. For instance, some people ask questions simply to reaffirm what they “think” they already know. However if my advice differs from what they want to hear, well then, all hell breaks loose. This happened yesterday when an acquaintance asked me about a recommendation for a good SUV/crossover for their growing family. The gentleman has two small children and was looking to go up in size. He also wanted something big enough that he could hang onto for a while in case child #3 decided to make a showing.
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Which Car Brands Have The Most Loyal Shoppers?

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When it comes to car buying, consumers tend to fall in one of two camps: the first buys whatever product has the best pricing, the best performance or the best fuel economy, while the second camp buys products from the same manufacturer time and time again. Automakers love brand-loyal customers, since it ensures them repeat business.

For years, it seemed like Honda and Toyota had a lock on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Both companies ran ads showing families who owned nothing but their cars, and both manufacturers earned a well-deserved reputation for quality. When you’re number one, however, there’s always a target on your back, and both Honda and Toyota seem to be learning this the hard way. Read More…

Half Bug, Half Boxster: Bugster

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In the vast uncharted wilderness of Austria lives an automotive Dr. Moreau, a mad genius who splices cars together to create breathtaking beasts like this unholy union of a ’73 VW Bug and 2000 Porsche Boxster S: The Bugster. The man behind this beauty is Siegfried Rudolf. His shop, CarMaxx, specializes in tuning and restoring VWs and Porsches. Apparently he got the idea for the Bugster after he parked his tuned ’73 Bug next to his wife’s Boxster and noticed the two cars shared a remarkably similar wheelbase.
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