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Battle of the Spocks: Audi S7

Audi S7

Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. Two Spocks of different eras brought together for a battle of speed and wits in Audi’s new commercial for the 420 horsepower S7 sedan . Quinto, our new Spock, returns for his second film in the upcoming “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, while Nimoy is a veteran of seven motion pictures and will forever be our #1 Spock. And while Quinto adds a wonderfully youthful flair to the character, let’s just say that there’s no replacement for tried and true experience.


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Toyota iQ Designs Own Font

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Toyota iQ Font

It’s small, cute and compact, is available only overseas, and is perfect for that urban dweller who calls the city their home. It’s the Toyota iQ, the fun little runabout that was introduced back in 2008 at the Geneva Auto Show. The iQ’s small stature means that parking is never a problem. It’s little 1.3-liter 97 hp inline-4 means that it’s good on gas and the fact that it has a wheelbase of only 78.7 inches means that it’s simply awesome at typography. Wait… what? Now this is where it gets fun. You see a couple of young typographers and a pro race driver thought it would be a neat idea to give the little iQ its own font style by using the car as the actual artist. Interactive artist Zachary Lieberman came up with the idea to track the cars movements by using custom software, thus enabling the driver to actually create a new font whilst being behind the wheel. The concept seems a bit out there at first, until that is, you see the result.
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What’s Your Favorite Automotive Photograph?

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1968 Dodge Charger

Everyone who is into cars has that one favorite picture of their ride that they’re really proud of. It’s the one that they show to friends or use as their screen saver at work. For some it’s an action shot, for others it’s an automotive portrait. Whatever the case though, these photos generally portray your automobile in the best possible light, or at least the light that you’d like everyone else to picture it in. Over the years I’ve taken hundreds of photos of my 1968 Dodge Charger. I’ve got track photos, stills, burnout shots and pictures of the car with my ugly mug behind the wheel. So when I decided to narrow it down to just one, well… lets just say it wasn’t as easy as I thought. However, after a few hours of searching, I finally came up with one. It’s not all that glamorous, nor is it an action photo. Simply put, it’s my car sitting at a light in the place where it feels most at home – New York City. Like I said, we’ve all got our favorites, so my question to you is… what’s yours? If you’ve a photo of your favorite ride send it in to me at “[email protected]” and we’ll post it up for the world to see.
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Marcos Mantis XP

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Marcos cars are madness. All have plywood chassis modeled after the fighter. Most run Ford engines and various Triumph suspension bits. They are lightweight, fast, and devastating on the track.  This is the fastest, most mental Marcos ever made. It’s the Mantis XP, a mid-engine monster powered by a 700-horsepower BRM-Repco V8 and styled by the brilliant .


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Ridelust Recap: Dustin’s Favorite Cars of 2010

2010 was a good year. The venerable Lancia Stratos came back from the grave. Jaguar built a car with two jet engines in it. The Mustang shaved its mullet and proved itself as a more-than-capable sports tourer. Chevy’s long-awaited Volt turned out to be pretty good. And Cadillac made the most bitchin’ station wagon ever. But my favorite cars this year didn’t make the glossy magazines. They won’t end up in posters plastered to 15-year-olds’ walls. They won’t be featured in Forza or GT5. They are, however, spectacular in every way imaginable. Here they are, in no particular order.

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1965 VW Type II Turbo

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Every so often a vehicle inspires gearheads to shout from the rooftops, to announce its glory to the broad automotive world. Jim Brennan over at found this spectacular 1965 VW Type II bus at . Now I, your faithful town cryer, bring it to you. It is absolutely perfect. It was restored to intergalactic concours condition by its owner, Rolando Alvarado. It wears a scrumptious shade of vanilla cream topped with a dollop of lustrous licorice black. It hugs the ground like an angry pillbug. It has just the right amount of blinding chrome. But this bus isn’t all show and no go. Alvarado took it to VW miracle worker Victor Nemjivar of So Cal Performance Lab, who punched its stock 1600cc air-cooled flat four to an incredible 2276cc. Then he added forged ceramic-coated pistons and custom ported and polished heads with turbo chambers. Finally, he topped it off with a Garret T3/T4 turbo. The batshit-crazy mill pumps out 235 horsepower with 12lbs of boost on pump gas. And it’s air cooled. Madness. Glorious madness.

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Monterey: Dinner at the Baja Cantina

Baja Cantina

I have to say that Monterey, California is probably one of my favorite places to spend time. You’ve got the pristine surroundings of Monterey Bay, wonderful restaurants, and then, on one fabulous weekend out of the year, you have the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The Concours d’Elegance captures the best vehicles from around the world and puts them on display for the world to see. Keep in mind that these are not tired out old relics, but the best of the best from around the globe.
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Personalized Plate Fail

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Whatever game you’re playing, the stakes can’t be too high if you’re driving a Sentra.


Hoonage: New York Style.

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One of the best things about being in the car hobby are the friends you make along the way. I’ve met people from all walks of life, both rich and poor and at the end of the day we all have one thing in common – we all love our cars. Not too long ago a good buddy formed the New York Motor Club. It consisted of a group of like minded guys who got up super early on a Sunday morning for the sole purpose of ripping up the roads in upstate New York. We’d drive, stop to bullshit for awhile, drive some more and then grab breakfast at some greasy spoon. By 11 am our driving time was done and we’d head home, but from about 5am-9:30am on most Sunday mornings in upstate New York, the roads belonged to us.

Chicks and Cars: Fantasy vs. Reality

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Hot Girls

When a guy buys a car one of the first things they think about is what kind of impression their new whip will make on members of the opposite sex. Guys hope that their new ride will act as a big fuel belching pheromone that will make the ladies come running. More often than not however guys greatly overestimate the power of their cars appeal and it winds being more of a “Chuck” magnet than a “Chick” magnet. Keep in mind also, that since we’re guys and have no real understanding of how the female mind works, we usually end up just causing more problems for ourselves. I’m going to break this down into categories and give you a male pictorial perspective as to what kind of women we think certain types of cars will get us, versus what generally happens in reality.
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