Car Porn: Jonsibal Dodge Challenger

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Jonsibal Challenger

Like Harley-Davidson motorcycles, today’s modern muscle cars can be customized to reflect the owners personality. Paint, wheels, interior and engine modifications can be addressed and there is no shortage of parts from the aftermarket. The following Dodge Challenger comes to us from the guys over at , and is nothing short of sinister. Flat bronze wheels set perfectly in the fender wells give the car and evil stance, and that matte-black paint finishes off a stunning machine. This particular design may not be for everyone, but as far as we’re concerned, it looks outstanding!


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1950 Chevrolet: Morrison Farm Truck – BIG MUSCLE

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Art Morrison Farm Truck

The 1950 Chevrolet 3100 Series pickup is the quintessential American farm truck. However, after Craig Morrison of Art Morrison Enterprises found it languishing in someone’s front yard, this little farm truck went from all-slo, to all-go. The original chassis was removed in favor of a new GT Sport bolt-on unit, as was the original Chevy straight-six engine. In its place sits a new GM Performance Parts crate motor with EFI injection that’s coupled to a Hughes Performance 4L60E automatic transmission. With the original paint and interior still intact, this old truck has been given a new lease on life while still retaining all the heritage that made it great over 60 years ago.


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eBay Deal of the Week: 2001 Ultima GTR

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2001 Ultima GTR

Remember the old saying, “Speed is just a question of money, how fast do you want to go?” Well, for owners of the Ultima GTR the answer is very fast. The Ultima GTR is one of those rare machines that was not designed for the masses. It’s a car owned by individuals who are looking for something a bit different as it offers up performance levels that usually bests those machines produced by the worlds leading manufacturers. The Ultima GTR’s are manufactured by of Hinckley, Leicestershire, England and can be sold as a kit, or as full turnkey automobiles. This particular Ultima GTR is a 2001 model that was first registered in 2006, as it was primarily used for display. Sold as a “factory standard version” this GTR is powered by a GM sourced LS6 V8, runs massive 245x35x18 tires up front and 335x30x18 tires out back on custom O.Z. wheels and has a full custom Alcantara interior. It’s a car that’s not for the faint of heart and is something that I would consider an “expert” level machine. So if you’ve always wanted a true exotic but wanted to be different from those around you, then this is definitely your car.

Click through for more photos or click to go directly to the eBay ad.

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Tri-Axle Two-Stroke Diesel Godzilla

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Deichkraft Diesel

Big and bad ass. That’s the only way to describe this massive tri-axle two-stroke diesel hot rod that was cooked up in Germany by one Carsten Plötner. First off this sucker is downright huge and has a presence that makes all other vehicles run for cover and secondly, for a diesel it’s actually got a pretty hairy exhaust note! Now obviously one would not go about using this as a daily driver, but hey, as a weekend road warrior – why the hell not!


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Road & Track Introduces You To The Two Second Club

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Why worry about top speed, when most cars spend a very small percentage of their lives anywhere near maxed out? Instead, why not use acceleration as a benchmark of performance, since that’s something we enthusiasts tap into every time we get behind the wheel? That’s the premise behind the latest video from Road & Track, which introduces us to the “Two Second Club.” Read More…

BMW Enters The Tuning Business. Sort Of.

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Image: BMW AG

Here’s a cold, hard fact of life that most of us try to ignore: if you reflash your car’s ECU, then swallow a valve or put a piston through your engine block, don’t expect that to be covered under your car’s warranty. In fact, any changes to your car’s ECU will generally void the powertrain warranty granted by the automaker, unless there’s some other pre-written arrangement between the automaker and the tuner. That’s not to say that mods will void your entire warranty, but if a manufacturer can prove that a failure is a direct result of modification, you’re on your own. Read More…

A Visit To APR Tuning

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APR's 34,000 square foot headquarters in Opelika, AL. Image: APR

When it comes to cities with ties to world-class tuners, what comes to mind? If Mercedes is your thing, you’d probably say Affalterbach, Germany, home to AMG. Perhaps you’d say Asaka, Saitama, Japan, home to Mugen, if fast Honda’s are your passion. Closer to home, Livonia, Michigan, home of Roush Performance, may come to mind if you’ve got a penchant for fast Mustangs.

If you’re a Volkswagen or Audi fan, your performance mecca is Opelika, Alabama, home to APR, LLC and one town over from Auburn University. Founder (and Auburn grad) Steven Hooks simply wanted to create a shop where VW and Audi owners could go for repair and tuning services, without fear of getting ripped off. What started as a hobby has grown into a worldwide business that includes both street and track performance for Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Audi and Porsche vehicles. Read More…

Depth of Speed – A Pinch of Salt

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Pinch of Salt

Like a sea of ghostly white the Bonneville Salt Flats stands out as one of Earth’s great wonders. Its miles and miles of wide open space have become home to the place where mankind has tested the limits of land-based speed. Here records have been broken, hero’s have been made, and in some cases lives have been lost. That however is all part of racing and the quest for going faster then any human has gone before. Some people think chasing speed is crazy, for others though it’s a way of life that has been made possible by the Salt Flats. “A Pinch of Salt” is the final video in the “” series and gives us a little insight as to why the “Salt” calls upon those who simply want to go fast.
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What Are Chevy’s Most Significant Performance Cars?

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When you’ve got 100 years of history to choose from, it’s hard to pick just six cars as the “most significant” performance cars you’ve ever built. GM’s Dr. Jamie Meyer gives it a shot in this video tour of the GM Heritage Center, picking just six cars as “most significant,” although not necessarily the fastest or best-handling. I’d take any of the six cars highlighted in the video below, but if I had my choice of any one, It’d be the 1963 Corvette. Read More…

Never Mind Horsepower, Flyin’ Miata Gives You Goat Power

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Image: 1poppystudios

Flyin’ MIata has been the go-to site for the Miata enthusiast looking for more power or better handling since the early 1990s. What started as a European specialty repair shop in New Jersey evolved into a Miata specific parts and tuning operation based out of Palisade, Colorado. Want better handling from your first, second or third generation Miata? The staff at FM can hook you up with everything from components through suspension kits. Want to go faster? They’ll sell you fully sorted and developed turbo or blower kits. Want to go a lot faster? They’ll even build you a second generation Miata with an Chevy LS3 V-8 stuffed under the hood. Read More…