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The Official NORRA Mexican 1000

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NORRA Mexican 1000

The NORRA Mexican 1000 is an off-road event that seeks to bring off-roading back to its roots. The Rally is a fully-supported on-road/off-road rally open to vintage and alternative fueled vehicles. Got a buggy from the 1960’s – no problem. An early 1980’s trophy truck? Well then come on down! The beauty of this event is that no one is left out, which let’s face it, is the way it should be.


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Busa Kart

Putting a Suzuki Hayabusa engine into anything that requires an engine is a good idea as far as I’m concerned. They make gobs of power, rev to the moon, and can be literally shoehorned into just about anything. Case in point – this RIDICULOUS golf cart that you’re about to see. I WANT ONE!


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COMPASSING: Livin’ in a Van.

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If your an automotive enthusiast then the odds of you enjoying a big-ass road trip are pretty good. Whereby some people see traveling a long distance by automobile to be a hellish endeavor, some folks (like me) see it as the only way to go. Compassing is one man’s journey through Mexico in a late model Ford van that’s been outfitted with all (okay some) of the comforts of home. It’s not pretty, but it is functional, and helped to take a young surfer named Cyrus Sutton on the journey of a lifetime.


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Australian 4X4 Adventure: The Gall Boys

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Outback Off Road

Camping sucks – there I said it. Why anyone would want to go out into the elements, pitch a tent, and shit in the woods is beyond me. However there are those who love doing it. My idea of camping is different. You see I want a real bed, a toilet and a set of doors I can close that will actually keep wildlife and natures critters away from me. The down in Australia have camping down to a science, as not only do they make it fun and give you a roof over your head, but they give you a full dose of off-road awesomeness in the process. Check them out after the jump!


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Bullrun On HULU

The BULLRUN Rally is one of those events that’s on the bucket list of every automotive hoon out there. You take some of the best cars in the world, add in a few great hotels and parties and then wrap it all together in a 3,000 mile road trip that’s full of fun and debauchery. However if BULLRUN’s price is out of your league, then have no fear as you can now get your BULLRUN jollies on ! In short it’s a blast… Oh, and believe me as I know this for a fact. You see I’ve done it 3 times.


What a Road Rally is Really Like.

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Road Rally

If you’ve ever thought about doing an event like the or there are a few things you should be aware of. First off you’ll be in some very fast company and second, the odds of you speeding and getting busted are almost 100%. As a participant in rallies like these I can tell you from experience that even though you tell yourself you’ll be on your best behavior that the odds of it happening are slim-to-none. Rob Ferretti of fame has put together a little video (and a very honest one) of what these runs are like, what you’ll go through and more importantly what happens when you get busted.


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Fast Lane Daily Flogs Audi’s TT-RS On The Dragon

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Audi’s TT-RS will be imported into the U.S. in a limited quantity of just 1,000 units, and each one features 360 horsepower and the latest generation of Audi’s quattro AWD. North Carolina’s Tail of the Dragon, on the other hand, features 318 curves in 11 miles of road, complete with plenty of elevation changes. Unfortunately, it’s also complete with plenty of idiot drivers and motorcyclists, driving (or riding) above their ability. As a result, accidents (including fatalities) are commonplace, and law enforcement is paying more and more attention to speeds on the Dragon.

In the words of Yogi Berra, “No one goes there anymore – it’s too crowded.” If you can manage to hit The Dragon mid-week and off season, your chance of having fun is greatly increased. If you can hit it under those circumstances in an Audi TT-RS, you can call us jealous. Read More…

Russian Video Is A Tutorial On Distracted Driving

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's about to be a distraction...

I’ve never heard of the Russian girl band SEREBRO, and I don’t speak a word of Russian (which, to my untrained ears, sounds a lot like forcing a weasel into a garbage disposal). I’m not a big fan of pop music, either, but I will suddenly admit to being a huge fan of SEREBRO. It’s got nothing to do with the band’s music, and I think you’ll enjoy the video a lot more if you turn the sound down. If you’re a heterosexual male, however, I assure you of this: you WILL like this video. Read More…

Seattle To Maine, In Under Five Minutes

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I-90, somewhere in Montana. Image: smithje77

You Tube user smithje77 was moving his family from Seattle to Maine, so he did what any of us would have done: he wrote a script in python to have his Droid take an image every ninety seconds, then he set this to video and dubbed in a Woody Guthrie tune, which he also performed.

And by “any of us,” I mean not me. I’m adept with an iPhone, but I draw the line at writing apps. As for setting images to video, I still struggle with Photoshop, and I’m fairly sure that people would pay me large amounts of money to NOT sing. I sure as hell can’t play guitar, but I have driven across this country more times that I care to ponder. Read More…

I’m Back – Made it to California!

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Welcome to California

That’s right, we made it! We just conquered 2,987 miles in a 22-foot Penske box truck with a bench seat, 71 mph top speed, archaic suspension and an average fuel economy of 7.4 mpg. It was a long road (literally) but thankfully one that was void of any bad tidings. I’ve done a lot of cross country driving over the years, but I have to say that this particular run was very special. You see this one was a life changer for this native New Yorker, as California is about as close to New York as oil and water when it comes to people, weather and life philosophy. One thing however that remains constant though are the cars… those wonderful, wonderful cars.
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