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Nitro Circus Crash Montage

Nitro Circus

There are no safety nets, no do-overs and lots and lots of broken bones. These are the guys and gals of , a no-holds-barred band of extreme sports athletes with a knack for pulling off some of the greatest vehicular stunts the world has ever seen. Click through and check out one of the craziest crash montages you’re ever likely to see.


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What to Expect at the New York International Auto Show

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The has a long history that dates back over a century ago. Its major draw is the ability to see every car that is available in the United States at one time. In recent times, the show has completely smashed attendance records, and if you’re lucky enough to be one of this year’s attendees, there are a few events that you’ll want to know about.

The Show Begins

Of the numerous events that you can look into, there’s a , though you’ll have to buy the ticket prior to attending the show. Currently there are tickets available for the Thursday tour, and it’ll give you the opportunity to see the event prior to the official start.  When the to the general public there will be three available events running all day.

Initially there will be a classic car collection on display, a chance to ride along in a Jeep, as well as a non-emission vehicle.

Cars and Careers

If you’re a student hoping to land a career in the automobile industry, , consider going to the career fair. Additionally, on Thursday there will be an opportunity for you to meet with the Telemundo crew and obtain signatures from Victoria Sosa and Rafael Bello.

The Home Stretch

A truly nostalgic event on Friday will leave your jaw on the floor. Celebrity, custom, and exotic vehicles will be around for you to gawk at all day long. If you happen to miss the show during its debut, you can always come back on either that Saturday or Sunday. Although you may not be able to afford these high-priced vehicles, each at the show will give out brochures and point you to the nearest dealer if need be.


There’s a lot at the show to explore this year, and you might find yourself staring at a single exhibit for hours. Whether you came for a single brand or just to wander around, keep these events in mind while you’re walking around.

Depth of Speed: A Car Show Born

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Ever drive by a car show in an open field or shopping center parking lot and wonder how all those cars got there? Well you may not believe it, but these things are in fact, organized. The small ones are relatively easy to get rolling as you simply get a few friends together, stuff them in a parking lot and your done. The big ones though, those suckers take some time. First off, and if you think you’ll get big enough numbers, you’ll have to deal with your local municipalities, law enforcement and local businesses. Then you’ll have to coordinate security, vendors and staff. Lastly and this one is big… you’d better pray for some good weather. I’ve been to loads of shows over the years and while their always fun, I’d much rather be a participant than an organizer. Click through to see why.

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The Car Show, Episode 2: Full Steam Ahead!

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The Car Show Episode 2

The reviews of last weeks premiere episode of on Speed were lukewarm at best. People bitched and moaned that it wasn’t funny, that the hosts didn’t work well together and that the segments were poorly done. Personally, I disagree and went into with the understanding that this was the first episode and that it would only get better over time. Well to all you naysayers out there… I was right! Last nights episode was not only well put together but fun to watch from start to finish. What you must understand is that car guys are different from everyone else. We talk differently, act differently and are generally over-the-top opinionated when it comes to all things automotive. We can also sit around for hours and bullshit about everything from carburetors to torque converters. So, why does any of this matter? Well, it matters because this is how I felt about last nights episode. You see I wanted to be part of their discussion, I wanted to teach those hot chicks how to drive a stick in an ACR Viper and I wanted to race Brian Johnson through the streets of NYC. The hosts had chemistry, they made us chuckle and at days end, they entertained us.
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