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Saroja Cunningham: Driver, Writer, Speed Junkie

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Saroja Cunningham

Ever get a good feeling about someone before you’ve actually met them? If so, then let me introduce you to Saroja Cunningham, the lovely lady who will now be contributing to . Saroja not only digs automobiles, but lives them, races them and works on them, and since she’ll now be writing for , I just though it fitting to give her a proper introduction.

Click through read more about Saroja and her passion for automobiles.

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The Story Behind Chrome Jewels

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Why yes, that is a Mad Max Interceptor.

Ralf Becker is editor-in-chief of the German auto website (“Chrome Jewels,” in English) and a good friend of Akatuki4. If you’ve never seen his site, you owe it to yourself to give it a look. You’ll find cars of all shapes and sizes, and the occasional pin-up girl (just another reason we love Chromjuwelen), but what you won’t find is the same old boring, regurgitated crap you can get on a hundred other car sites. Like Akatuki4, is written by people who love and understand cars, not by someone whose experience is limited to watching all of the “Fast and Furious” movies a dozen times. The video below explains the philosophy behind , and I’d like to think that extends to us at Akatuki4 as well: it doesn’t matter what you consider your own personal “chrome jewel”; what matters is that you stand by your choice. Read More…

ESFLOW in the Flesh

Posted in Blogging the Bloggers, Car Tech, Geneva Motor Show, News by Dustin Driver | February 24th, 2011 | 2 Responses |

We covered the announcement of the ESFLOW earlier this month. Way back then we only had these computer renders and a lame video to pique our interest in the little runabout. Now we have photos of the real-deal rolling concept vehicle in the flesh . . . er, sheet metal. And it’s right sexy.

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Car and Driver Goes Buck-Wild with VIR Lightning Laps

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* LL1 Class 1

Car and Driver magazine has been pumping out high quality automotive material since 1955. They test everything from budget minded automobiles to high-end super cars to bring us some great opinions and test results. Over the past 5 years Car and Driver has started a tradition called the “Lightning Lap Roundup” in which they take the best cars from different price brackets and pit them in a head to head competition to see who comes out on top. Price points range from $0-$30,000, $30k-$60k, $60,000-$120,000, $120k-$240k and $240k and up. From the standpoint of a performance enthusiast this test is gold, as it helps performance minded guys like myself go forth and hopefully make the right decision about which car to purchase next. Personally, I’ve got my eye set on a 2011 Ford Mustang GT. I’ll take a silver one with the Brembo brake package, a 6-speed and 3:73 gears. These video’s are not only well done, but great fun to watch, so click play and enjoy.

For all video’s head on over to .

Jay Leno Flies the Carver One/Persu Mobility Trike

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I haven’t seen Jay Leno smile this much since he got the Tonight Show. And the thing that put that smile on his substantial visage? A 65-horsepower three-wheeled commuter vehicle, the tilting trike. The aerospace-inspired contraption is actually the , a Dutch invention that . Thankfully, the technology has been licensed by Persu, who plans to sell it stateside with a new, sleeker body and a hybrid drivetrain.

Source: ,

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Fast Lane Daily Hit 1,000 Episodes! Congratulations!

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For those of you who have never watch the webisodes of let me just say that you’re missing out. The purpose of is simple, bring the viewers a little insight as to what is going on inside the automotive world in short 8-10 minute bursts. Basically it’s the same thing we do here, except they’re in video format and we sit here and type all day for you guys. Fast Lane Daily is hosted by Derek DeAngelis and truth be told the lad does a pretty good job. For their 1000 episode the boys at sent Derek on a dream trip to the famed Nurburgring. The catch… do the entire trip on $1000, something that thankfully he was able to pull off. So, to the members and cast of Fast Lane Daily – thanks for the 1000 episodes that have helped so many of us get through our day.



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