**Combustion** A Drag Racing Film

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Funny cars, pro-stock and top fuel dragsters all have the ability to literally rattle your chest and give you a massive noise educed headache. Thankfully for us though the guys over at SearchforSpeedTV have set some of our favorite machines to some of the best music out there. They’ve eliminated the need for ear plugs and a defibrillator machine and instead given us a video that will make you want to turn wrenches on whatever lies in your garage.


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The FIAT 500L and your girlfriends Mom?

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Fiat 500L

For those of you out there who want to play grab-ass with your girlfriends Mom, well then, Fiat’s got the car for you! I mean hell, what middle-aged Cougar wouldn’t go crazy for a car with Italian styling, nicely appointed seats and an interior that’s so roomy that it literally lets her kiss you on the face without anyone knowing. Sadly though there’s no dirty talk, which I suppose is appropriate since Fiat’s are mostly visual little buggers anyway. Check it out after the jump.


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1964 Corvette XP-819: Jay Leno’s Garage

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Corvette XP-19

Since the Corvette’s inception in 1953, there have been rumors swirling around the brand that one day, a rear or mid-engine car may actually pop up. Understand now that the United States has only made two rear/mid engine cars; the Pontiac Fiero and the Chevrolet Corvair. However in 1964 the Corvette XP-819 prototype was developed and man-O-man would this have been an interesting car. The engine was mounted behind the rear wheels like a Porsche 911, it had urethane safety bumpers, a rack & pinon steering rack and a one piece clam shell hood. All amazingly innovative stuff for 1964. Owner Mike Yager showed off his one-off rear-engined prototype at this years Amelia Island show and to say the car was amazing would be an understatement.


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RideApart Review: Ducati 1199 Panigale R

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Ducati 1199 Panigale S

It’s got over 200 hp, makes 100 lb-ft of torque and tops out at over 200 mph. This is the Ducati 1199 Panigale R and it is one of, if not the, coolest sport motorcycle on the planet. Wes Siler of RideApart recently had a chance to not only flog this beast on the street, but run the full course at the brand new Circuit of the America’s down in Austin, TX. Click through and check out his full review after the jump.


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Ridelust Review: 2013 Infiniti FX37

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2013 Infiniti FX37

YEAR / MAKE / MODEL: 2013 Infiniti FX37

POWERTRAIN: 3.2L V6 with 325hp / 267 lb-ft of torque : 7-speed Automatic Transmission w/ Rev Matching

FUEL ECONOMY: 17 city / 24 hwy / 19 combined

There’s a pretty good argument out there that a well-designed crossover could in fact be the perfect vehicle. Gone are the rough and tumble truck characteristics from the SUVs of old, and in their place are wonderful cross-stitched interiors, supple rides and engines so smooth you hardly even know they’re running. The new 2013 Infiniti FX37 is one such vehicle, and while it’s good in most respects there are some areas in which it could use some improvement.

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2014 Mazda6 i Grand Touring: Akatuki4 Review

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2014 Mazda6 i

Thumbs Up: Perhaps the best-looking midsize sedan, premium feel

Thumbs Down: Could use more power, transmission not particularly sporty

Buy This Car If: You’re shopping for a midsize sedan with good looks and an upscale feel

While this may not come as a surprise to many readers, Mazda doesn’t sell nearly as many Mazda6 sedans as Honda sells Accords or Toyota sells Camrys. That’s not to say the previous Mazda6 was a bad car, but it was easily lost in the crowd, especially when competitors spend serious money on television and print advertising. Read More…

2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club

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Mazda Miata Club

24 years. That’s how long the world has been infatuated with the Mazda Miata. When first released back in 1989, this little roadster literally rewrote the book on what inexpensive, open-air cruising was all about. For 2013 Mazda has released the Miata Club, a hopped up version of their famous roadster that’s said to be better in every way. Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago recently took the 2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club out for a proper thrashing, and by the end of the video you’ll notice that everything that made the MX-5 great in the beginning, still remains today.


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2013 Honda Accord Sport: Akatuki4 Review

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2013 Honda Accord Sport

Thumbs Up: Reasonable power and ride quality

Thumbs Down: Sport in name only with CVT

Buy This Car If: You want Honda reliability in a relatively entertaining midsize sedan

When Honda redesigned the Accord for the 2013 model year, it also made a serious attempt to broaden the product line and appeal to an even wider array of customers. One such model is the new-for-2013 Accord Sport, which lies one step up from the bottom of the range and is meant to appeal to younger buyers looking for some entertainment value with their family sedan. Read More…

2013 Mazda 3 i Grand Touring Sedan: Akatuki4 Review

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2013 Mazda3 i Grand Touring

Thumbs Up: Impressive handling and fuel economy; good content for the money

Thumbs Down: Dated exterior design

Buy This Car If: You want a commuter car that delivers both features and frugality

Just a few short years ago , a car that served up features like a blind spot detection system, adaptive headlights, Bluetooth audio streaming, navigation, keyless entry with push-button start, rain-sensing wipers and a Bose Centerpoint surround-sound audio system would have fallen into the luxury car realm, priced far out of reach of the average consumer. Read More…

2013 Kia Optima SX Limited: Akatuki4 Review

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2013 Kia Optima SXL

Thumbs Up: Looks good, best-equipped Kia we’ve ever driven

Thumbs Down: More chrome does not equal more luxury

Buy This Car If: You’re a Kia loyalist who’s looking for entry-level luxury

Not too many years ago, Korean automotive brands were shopped almost exclusively by those who couldn’t afford a Japanese alternative. Then Hyundai and Kia borrowed a page from the Japanese automaker playbook; once they’d drawn in the initial batch of customers with low prices, the Korean brands began to step up quality. Read More…

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