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Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana = EPIC

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Razor Crazy Cart

The new Razor Crazy Cart is probably one of the best toys to hit the market in the last 20 years. It’s obscenely fun for both kids and adults, and has the ability to make even the most hardened of individuals crack a smile and have fun. The guys at Razor also happen to be huge fans of Ken Block, and as such have created this tribute video to him and all of his gymkhana awesomeness! Check it out after the jump.


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The Hosford Files: DriftBusters

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Drift Idiot

There’s no shame in admitting that I am not, and never shall be a drift expert. In fact if my cars are going sideways, then the odds of me doing something wrong at that moment are pretty damn good. Corey Hosford from DriftIdiot though, is a professional drifter, and a damn good one at that. In his recent exploits he’s teamed up with the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving to see just how good their cars are for going sideways.


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RUSH: Introducing James Hunt

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James Hunt Rush

He’s been said to have slept with 33 flight attendants in two weeks, partied like their was no tomorrow and drove a Formula 1 car like no other. RUSH is Ron Howard’s new film that follows the 1976 Formula One season, and more specifically, the battle between playboy driver James Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth) and his fierce rivalry with tactician Niki Lauda. The latest trailer concentrates solely on Hunt, and his self-absorbed style of racing. Check it out after the jump.

Source: via Jalopnik

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Rush: Trailer 3 / GAME ON!

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RUSH Ron Howard

Ron Howard’s upcoming film “RUSH” tells the true story of the famous Formula 1 battle between drivers James Hunt and the brilliant Niki Lauda. Where Hunt was a flamboyant playboy with raw talent, Lauda was more of a methodical technician of speed. Both drivers were outstanding with two completely different styles of driving, and if the film is anything like the trailer below, we’re all in for one helluva thrill ride!


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Ariel Atom V8 vs 600hp Citroen DS3 vs BMW HP4

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Ariel Atom V8

Want to know what happens when you pit one of the lightest, most aggressive little sports cars, against a German super bike and a 600 hp French rally cross car in the rain?

Awesome, that’s what happens. Nothing but awesome!


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Tom Cruise Learns to Drive the Red Bull Racing F1

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Tom Cruise

It must be nice being Tom Cruise, as not only are you a world famous movie star, but you’re granted access to some of the greatest toys the planet has to offer. For instance, showing up to Willow Springs Raceway in a Red Bull helicopter (Tom is flying of course) and then having the chance to jump into a million dollar Formula 1 car for some quick laps. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not jealous (yes I am) but I’ve think I’ve chosen to follow the wrong line of work.


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Protecting Your Car’s Paint on the Track – DRIVE Moment

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Larry Kosilla

If you run your car on the race track then you know first hand how punishing it can be on not only the mechanics of the vehicle, but on the paint as well. Rocks and debris can chip and damage your cars finish, as can spilled fluids. Have no fear though because master detailer and car care expert Larry Kosilla of DRIVE CLEAN is here to let you in on a few little tips that will not only extend the life of your cars paint, but protect it during everyday driving as well.


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Porsche Le Mans 1971

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1971 Martini Porsche 917

Porsche is getting ready for its return to Le Mans in 2014. And it wants to remind you all that in 1971 it thoroughly and properly kicked ass. The monstrous 240-mile-an-hour 917 took first and second places, setting multiple records along the way. Oh, and 10 of the 13 cars that finished that year were Porsches.

In 1971 Porsche built the first magnesium-framed 917. The delicate birdcage of highly flammable and ultra-lightweight metal weighed just 42 kilograms, or 92 pounds. The frame was swathed in gossamer sheets of flowing fiberglass and perspex and given menacing tail fins. Then Porsche gingerly installed their latest creation: A magnesium and titanium air-cooled flat 12 good for more than 600 horsepower. The results were positively manic. Click through to see a highlight reel from the season, featuring the tarmac-swallowing, fire-breathing, time-warping 917.

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Alexander Rossi in the Lotus 49 at COTA – Road & Track

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Alexander Rossi

If you were to ask any professional racing driver if they were afraid of any car, the probability of them saying “Yes” would be very small. Alexander Rossi, the reserve driver for the Caterham F1 Team is no exception. At 22-years old he’s one of the youngest in the sport and looks to have a long, fruitful career ahead of him. However just for shits and giggles Rossi was recently given the opportunity to climb behind the wheel of a machine that was 24 years his senior. The car was Jim Clark’s 1967 Lotus 49, and while new to Rossi, he wasted no time in flogging it around the new Circuit of the America’s in Austin, TX. Check out video below.


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When it comes to off-road rallies and events there is no doubt that Europe has the U.S. beat hands down. That doesn’t mean however that U.S. teams can’t participate. The following video covers Team Magpul as they tackle the infamous Breslau Rallye off-road race that starts in Germany and ends in Poland. This is a race that no matter how well prepared you are, can and will bite you in the ass at the worst possible moment.

You’ve been warned.


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