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Kawasaki vs Audi RS6 on the autobahn.

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Autobahn Run

Back in my younger (and dumber) days, running flat out on the open road on two-wheels was something that we’d do just about every weekend. Our runs however were somewhat illegal, whereas the race you’re about to see between a Kawasaki liter bike and an Audi RS6 was performed well withing the spectrum of the law as it took place on Germany’s autobahn. Both parties are no doubt maxed out, but in my opinion it’s the guy on the bike that really deserves the props.


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King Of The Concrete: Drag Racing Without A Safety Net

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If you go drag racing at a NHRA sanctioned track, you’ll have the benefit of gravel traps, catch nets and even water barrels to stop you if something goes wrong. The problem with driving at a busy drag strip is that it’s nothing like street racing; there’s plenty of rubber (and traction compound) laid down on the drag strip asphalt, ensuring that you’ll get a good launch. While some see this as a , others see it as taking the challenge out of launching your car. Read More…

Subaru Sets Isle of Man Lap Record With (Nearly) Stock STI

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The record setiing STI. Image: Subaru

The Isle of Man is home to what, arguably, is the most insane motorcycle race in the world. Each year, riders from around the globe converge on the tiny island, located directly between England and Ireland, to contest for top honors in the Isle of Man TT. Unlike motorcycle races in the rest of the world, the Isle of Man TT is held on closed village roads, with little thought to safety other than the occasional hay bales. Crash hard, and there’s a good chance of serious injury or death, as the island has see 231 rider fatalities since 1907. Read More…

Mazda Shows Off a Few Mean 2’s at SEMA 2010.

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Mazda brought a pair of sweet little Mazda2’s to SEMA this year. The duo, the Mazda2 Street, and its evil twin the Mazda2 Track, have been lowered over skateboard sized wheels and tires and given classy race-inspired livery. The Mazda2 Track is fitted with a full roll cage, and has had its guts ripped out in preparation for heavy duty track usage. The Mazda2 Street retains its refined interior, but hides it behind some seriously dark tinted windows. The two cars might just be the best-looking Mazda’s currently made, even if they are the size and shape of a big roller-skate.
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Drag Racing Donk Dumps it in BBQ Pit.

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Now I’ve seen it all. When I think of drag racing my brain conjures up images of high horsepower hot rods staging at the lights with smoke billowing off the rear tires. Street racing makes me have visions of imports spinning at high revs with some inexperienced kid behind the wheel whose trying to prove something. Street racing Donks though? Well, I suppose it was just a matter of time before it happened and the outcome was just as I would have expected. At around 2:30 am this morning in Cleveland, OH a police officer witnessed two cars street racing and turned to give pursuit. Apparently this spooked one of the drivers as he lost control and planted his mid-80’s Chevrolet Caprice on what looks to be 26 inch wheels directly into the Open Pit Barbecue Restaurant. No injuries were reported but all three people where arrested at the scene.

I would think that next time the driver would want to choose a different vehicle before he decides to play John Force behind the wheel.


200 MPH Corvette run in Tampa, FL

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There is no doubt about it, the guys in this video are really moving over the 16,000 foot long Tampa Bay Bridge. Now far be it from me to yell foul when it comes to a little bit of automotive hoonage, but stunts like this do concern me. 80, 90, even 100 mph is really cooking and at those speeds bad things have been known to happen, sometimes though the drivers may get lucky and walk away. At 200 mph though, if something goes wrong, you’re looking at a 100% guarantee that you’ll wind up dead. The guys in this video, while no doubt going for that wild adrenaline run have no idea what kind of fire they’re playing with. Thankfully, nothing happened, but again at those speeds you’re truly flirting with disaster.


Guess who gets busted!

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Well it looks like two of the biggest names in fast food are into ripping up the canyons of southern California hoonage style. It seems that “The King” and “Jack” were having a little too much fun in their Mazda Miata and fell victim to a properly place California CHP unit. Now I don’t know about you but it’s possible due to their celebrity status that they were let go. Who knows maybe the had some coupons on them or something. Either way though the law is the law and regardless of who you think you are you must obey all the rules of the road. Truth be told I think Ronald McDonald may have had something to do with setting these two jokers up.


Hawaii Motorbeat: Because You Needed An Excuse To Dodge Mowing The Lawn

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Believe it or not, it isn’t easy to comb through dozens of auto-related sites each day trying to find relevant and interesting news to report on. A lot of “leaked” information tends to be disinformation aimed at throwing journalists off the track. When I see a headline about the latest 800 horsepower, biodiesel powered, AWD, mid-engined Corvette I just chuckle and move along. Nothing to see here.

After a few years of doing this, your eyes tend to glaze over when you hit the same sites, with the same uninspired layouts, day after day. Every once in a while you stumble across a site, new or not, that makes you take a step back and say, “Wow, that’s how it should be done.” One of those sites is , a labor of love written written by Paul Maddox, a vintage gearhead who remembers the days when “tuning” required hand tools and not laptops. His website / magazine is published monthly, and covers anything related to drag racing, street rodding or road racing in Hawaii.

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Insane Longboarding Down Claremont Canyon

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There is not one single thing that I don’t like about feeling the sensation of high-speed, and I’ll try just about anything to achieve it. I’ve jumped out of airplanes, raced motorcycles, tracked cars, snow-skied, water-skied, bungee jumped… you name it and I’ve probably done it. Skateboarding however is the one four-wheeled sport that for whatever the reason, I just never got into. Maybe it has to do with the complete lack of brakes, or the fact that generally when I go flying through the air bad things tend to happen, either way though I am in complete awe when I see it done by the best in the business. This video was done by Adam Kimmel and shows long-boarding being done by two of the best out there. Keep in mind that both riders are not strapped to their boards and their swapping out the camera as they ride.

And people say motorcycles are dangerous…. gheesh…

Perfect BMW

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Airhead, shaft drive, twin discs, clip-ons. Perfect.