Jesse Rooke Scarlett: For the Troops

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Jesse Rooke built this wild three-wheeler for injured veterans who may not be able to ride sport bikes. It is, essentially, a 200-horsepower liter bike race engine dragging a few bits of steel and aluminum behind it. The crazy creation, called Scarlett, appeared at SEMA this year. I can only imagine what it must be like to sit at eye level with that intake, engine at full scream, exhaust pipe belching hell and fury at your elbow. Scarlett was built in conjunction with Michael Jordan Motorsports/National Guard Superbike racing team.


Ken Block And Vaughn Gitten Jr. Increase Global Warming

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Ken Block and Vaughn Gitten JR. Drifting Together at SEMA 2010

How’s this for irony: during the SEMA Show, Ken Block and Vaughn Gitten Jr. were paid, probably large sums of money, to put on a drifting exhibition in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center. A week earlier or a week later, and both of these guys would have been slapped with a book full of tickets, including reckless driving and exhibition of speed. Whether it’s drifting or pro rally or gymkhana, you really need to have an exquisite sense of timing.

Ken Block may have been faster in his rally-prepped Fiesta, but Vaughn Gitten Jr. definitely looked like he was having more fun. I only wish the video were a bit longer, since I could watch these guys go at it until their tires exploded. There was probably enough tire smoke generated during the filming of this video to raise the temperature of the planet another degree or so. I sure hope these guys have enough carbon credits to offset that.

Mazda Teases Us With Super20 MX-5

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When the Mazda Miata turned 10, Mazda gave fans and buyers a special edition of the car, called the 10th Anniversary Edition or 10AE for short. Now that the iconic roadster has turned 20, surely Mazda has something special planned, right?

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SEMA has spoken and the hottest car, truck and SUV is….

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…the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford F-Series and Jeep Wrangler! Apparently these choices are all based on how well these vehicles can be accessorized as compared to others in their respective markets. I mean SEMA does stand for Specialty Equipment Market Association, so it seems only proper that the easiest vehicles to modify would win. According to Chris Kersting, SEMA President and CEO, “A booth space is a ballot, and the models these exhibitors have selected represent their vote,”.
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Honda Shows HPD Tuned CR-Z At SEMA

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Honda's HPD street car. Photo: Honda America Motors

Honda Performance Development has been busy addressing the lack of a CR-Z Si in Honda’s product mix, and if their press release is accurate, the HPD CR-Z may be just the ticket. Though not available for sale just yet, the HPD tuned sport hybrid now sports a turbo and enhancements to the IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) hybrid system. The upgrades are said to result in a combined output of 200 horsepower and 175 ft lb of torque at the crank. As you’d expect, the clutch has been upgraded and the differential has been swapped for a limited slip version. HPD’s dropped the ride height, added bigger brakes and stiffened the suspension up for track duty. They’ve also added a body kit and bolted on a huge rear wning, which I’m sure can be removed easily enough.

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Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme: A Minivan Even I Can Love

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Toyota Swagger Wagon Supreme

The Swagger Wagon Supreme. Photo: Toyota

As a sports car guy and a motorcycle guy, I don’t have much use for minivans. They’re slow (over-boosted Chrysler turbo minivans excepted), they’re ill-handling and they eat a little bit of your soul every time you climb behind the wheel. Sure, they’re good at moving people and their trappings from one place to another, but they don’t go off-road, you can’t haul a bike in one and they don’t give you much towing capacity. The automotive equivalent of purgatory, minivans exist between the heaven of sports cars and the hell of boring sedans. The sole positive comment I can make about them is that they’re usually comfortable.

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Giovanna Wheels at SEMA 2010.

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SEMA 2010 Rolls Royce

The last time I ventured out to SEMA was in 2008. I spent five days in Las Vegas and by the end of the trip I was ready to blown my brains out. The Las Vegas Convention Center is MASSIVE, and even with attending the show for 5-days straight I still was not able to take it all in. This year the guys from / are out in SEMA in full force and are bringing out some major coverage for everyone to see. However there was one post in particular that caught my eye, so I wanted to post it up. Rob Enaudi, Editor-in-Chief of was apparently walking through the Giovanna wheel booth and snapped off about 15 pics of high-end cars clad with terribly gaudy wheels. To me these wheels not only ruin the overall look and feel of most of these rides, but they can also seriously detract from their performance. Listen, I’m all for aftermarket wheels, I just prefer ones that actually look good.

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Toyota Debuts Performance Package For Prius. Um, Okay.

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Toyota Prius PLUS

Somehow, I never thought I’d use the terms “Prius” and “Performance Package” in the same sentence, and after reading description of the TRD developed kit, I’m still not sure they belong together. As shown at this year’s SEMA show, the Prius PLUS features a body kit and suspension mods, but no changes to the hybrid’s powertrain. The mods won’t yield much in terms of performance or handing, so you’d better be in love with revised looks of the Prius PLUS before you agree to pony up the cash for the kit. So what, exactly, do you get for your money?

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Last Run of the “HEMI Under Glass”.

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If you’re into drag racing, then you’re no doubt familiar with with the car in the above video. What is today one of the most recognizable drag cars in existence, the HEMI Under Glass was created solely by accident back in 1965. By placing a blown HEMI engine in the back of a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda it was thought traction would be increased and drag times would drop. Traction was indeed improved, so much so in fact that the car couldn’t keep the front wheels on the ground. Back then fans and racers would gather at the drag strip to not only watch the races, but the “exhibition” cars as well. These cars were machines that were built not as head to head racers, but as show pieces to thrill and excite audiences between competition runs. Bob Riddle was the driver of the HEMI Under Glass for 39 years and talks about what it was like to drive one of the baddest, most ridiculous and most popular drag cars ever created.

Chevrolet Releases Two New Corvette Concepts at SEMA.

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Chevrolet Corvette Z06X

As most of you know SEMA 2010 is going on this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and with that comes the release of concept cars from around the country. Chevrolet is coming out of their corner swinging by releasing two new Corvette concepts that are sure to make Vette’ fans the world over stop and take notice. First is the 2011 Corvette Z06X track car, a car that should have been released years ago. Go to any track day around the country and I can almost guarantee that you’ll see more Corvette’s there than any other car. It seems that Chevrolet has finally realized this because the Z06X has its sights dead set on those enthusiasts.
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