Lament for Fisker

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Fisker Karma041

It seems Fisker is finally succumbing to the relentless seas of misfortune. It’s been battered by storms, supplier problems and financial troubles. Founder Henrik Fisker has fled. Its workforce has been laid off. Nearly all of them. Things are grim. But should petrol-guzzling, tire-burning, fire-breathing gear heads like you care? Yes. Yes, you should.

You should care about Fisker for one simple reason: It’s disruptive. The automotive industry is big, old and stagnant. It moves at a glacial pace and changes very little. Fisker, and other new car companies, are free to innovate, to explore new technology, and to do crazy things like use a turbocharged Pontiac Solstice engine just to spin a generator.

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2012 Fisker Karma: Consumer Reports First Drive

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Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma has been a long time in coming. It’s been plagued with financial issues, development problems and last but not least, poor reviews. However all of these things are bound to happened when you introduce a brand new product to the market which is exactly the case with the Fisker. Think of the Karma as a REALLY REALLY nice Chevrolet Volt, as what I mean to say is that both cars seat four adults, both are electric with a range extending generator and both were big gambles. In the Volt’s case though, there was the backing of a major automotive manufacturer, whereas the Fisker, well, really didn’t have that security. Either way though it’s great first attempt at creating a high-end electric car for the high-brow family. Click through to hear what Consumer Reports has to say about it and enjoy.


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The Fisker Karma Gets EPA Rated

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The 2012 Fisker Karma. Image: Fisker Automotive

The Fisker Karma, like the Chevrolet Volt, is best described as an “extended range electric vehicle.” During the car’s development and launch, Fisker had claimed a battery-only range of 50 miles and an “mpg equivalent” rating of 67.2 mpge. The mpge rating factors in both a car’s battery range and its fuel consumption in series hybrid mode to come up with a value that can be equated to a conventional, internal combustion engine automobile. Read More…

Fisker Karma In Production?

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The Fisker Karma. Image: Fisker Automobile

The long awaited Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid is now in production, at least according to Britain’s Autocar webzine. The first car in America is set to be delivered at the end of this month, and the lucky owner is… Leonardo di Caprio. Next up on the delivery list are former presidential candidate and global warming town crier Al Gore and former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Sometime after the celebrity deliveries are through, Fisker dealers will likely start to get demonstrator vehicles, too. Read More…

American Muscle Car Shootout: Awesome Defined.

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Muscle Car Shootout

A few years ago used to air a show called . It was sponsored by Legendary Motorcars of Ontario, Canada and catered to everything from high end exotics, to big block muscle cars. One of the best segments they ever put together was a match up of the baddest muscle cars from the 1960’s and 1970’s. What you have to remember before you press play on these videos though, is that the American muscle car was and is, a mythical beast. Names like Cuda, Chevelle SS, The Judge and Boss made European sport sedans of that era quake in their boots. Not because of how fast, or how well they did (or did not) handle, but because of their in-your-face, take no prisoners, power house attitudes. I own two muscle cars and while I love them with all my heart and soul, I’m always amazed at how fast people think they are. Like I said, these old sleds are mythical beasts, and while other cars out there may out perform them, there will never, ever be anything as cool as an old school American Muscle Car. Click through for a whole bunch of awesome!
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Fisker Automotive To Sit Out Detroit Auto Show

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When it comes to auto shows in the United States, the Detroit Auto Show (also known as the North American International Auto Show) is arguably the biggest event of the year. It’s held each January, and automakers from around the globe scramble to show the world what’s coming to dealer showrooms in the coming year. According to , Fisker Automotive, maker of the plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma sedan, will be suspiciously absent from the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. That doesn’t bode well for a boutique automaker set to launch a $90,000 car in April of 2011.

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Would you buy an electric car?

Fisker Karma

Not long ago I was asked as to whether or not I would actually pony up the cash and purchase an electric car. My knee jerk reaction was HELL NO! Then after thinking about it for awhile I started to rethink the question in terms of; what would an electric car have to become in order for me to purchase it? So much of what I love about the automobile is visceral. The looks, feel, sounds and smells are all part of what make an automobile attractive to me. For me to like a car you can better believe that it needs to have one hell of a presence to it. Today’s cookie cutter jelly bean rides are crap, and although they do serve a purpose, they have no place in my garage. Seriously, my version of hell would be having to drive a Toyota Camry everyday for the rest of my life… dear God that would suck.
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Fisker Shows First Factory Built Karma At Paris Auto Show

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Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma. Photo: Fisker Automotive

Fisker Automotive has reached another milestone that doubters never thought they would: the first factory built (though not production) Karma will be on display at the upcoming Paris Auto Show. Fisker will also be announcing details on their global importer network, which bodes well for their ability to get vehicles to market once the Karma reaches production. Their stated goal is production of 100,000 cars per year.

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Rhino lined Ford F150 eliminates need for waxing!

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Ford F150

The problem with taking that shiny new pick-up, Jeep or SUV off-road is that you’re almost assured that that shiny paint job is going to get screwed all to hell. It’s a double edged sword really. You see on one hand you’ve just gone out and spent some big coin on a vehicle that will cross just about any landscape. On the other hand, that big coin vehicles value will go right in the toilet if you scratch the crap out of it whilst trying to get down those hardcore trails. The owner of this hot Ford F150 seems to have found a way to get around this problem by doing a little thinking outside the box.
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Fisker Karma Ad Proves That Sex Sells, Even If You Don’t Have A Product

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There are two things in the latest Fisker Karma ad that I’d really like to take for a long, hard ride. Ironically, my chances of taking a test drive with either are exactly the same, which would be “zero”. At least the model in the Fisker ads is real, because to date the car has been little more than a rolling design study.

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