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2014 Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6 vs 2014 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG!

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G63 6x6

If you have money, and I mean A LOT of money and you like off-roading, you may want to consider the 2014 Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6 as your next daily driver. It cost around $600k U.S., has 550 + hp, an extra rear axle and has the capability of jumping over most anything that gets in its path. Motor Trend recently went to Austria to see just how macho this new Mercedes really is. Click through and check it out.


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Mercedes 300SL Gullwing at Bonneville Gives Us Salt Fever

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300sl Gullwing

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a mystical place for those who love speed. On one hand, you have a place with no limits as far as velocity is concerned. On the other, the salt flats can literally eat cars alive. Everything from drag cars to motorcycles run the salt in an effort to achieve maximum velocity, but seeing a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing (a 1-million dollar car) run, is something completely different. Owner Bob Sirna though justifies his passion and car in one simple statement, “Enjoy your toys”.


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220 Fintail Sedan at the Nürburgring

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220 Fintail

The Mercedes-Benz 220 Fintail sedan is one of the nicest looking cars of that era. They weren’t fast, didn’t handle particularly well and God knows they weren’t that reliable. However when Chris Harris was asked to race on with former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard on the Nürburgring, he couldn’t say YES fast enough. Check it out after the jump.


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Silver Slipstreams: Mercedes-Benz Ad Fail

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Mercedes Benz Fail

“The A 45 AMG is the epitome of performance, control and expression — essential attributes shared with extreme downhill skateboarding”.

Really Mercedes-Benz? You’re now comparing yourselves to extreme downhill skateboarding, a sport that maybe .001% of your perspective buyers know about. How’s this for an idea; fire your existing ad agency because they obviously have no idea how to showcase your automobiles, and then hire one that can do something other than come up with a cheap idea like chasing a skateboard down a hill.


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“ADOLF” // Mercedes-Spot 2013 – [unofficial]

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Dead Adolf

Now THIS is a commercial that I think the world could rally behind. Produced as a final thesis by the students from the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg, Germany, this mock Mercedes-Benz ad shows a us fictional part of history that we all wish were true. The tagline for the ad, “Detects threats before they emerge”

Brilliant, simply brilliant.


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Audi RS6 v Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake

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Fast Wagons

Remember back in the day when station wagons were just big lazy vehicles that moved people around? If you were born after 1985 then probably not. However if you grew up in the 1960’s and ’70’s then the odds of your family having one of these family trucksters was pretty damn good. It’s now 2013, and to say that the wagons of yesteryear are dead and buried would be an understatement. In this episode of Chris Harris on Cars, the Monkey pits the Audi RS6 against the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake to see which one will get the ice cream home before it melts.

Check it out after the jump.


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Ammo Auto Care

If you read on a regular basis then you know that founder, Larry Kosilla is a good friend of ours. He’s not only one of, if not the best automotive detailer out there, but he’s one of the few people in the industry that personally pushes the envelope when it comes to product development and testing to ensure that his products work the best on your automobile. AMMO recently entered a contest to win a brand new Sprinter van from Mercedes-Benz, a good chunk of change to outfit it out with. The contest was based on a company made video explaining why should win. Now obviously we think his video is the best, but if ya’ll wouldn’t mind helping us, help out a friend of, well, we’d be damn grateful!

Check out his outstanding submission after the jump and make sure to vote!


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2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507 Wagon

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C63 AMG Wagon

Performance station wagons are one of the great joys in the automotive world. Tire smoking hooligans with a practical side, these beasts of engineering are not for everyone. However if you’re a wagon person, then these heavy haulers are the bees-knees when it comes to giggles-per-mile. Wagons like the Cadillac CTS-V wagon, Dodge’s now defunct SRT8 Magnum, the Audi RS6 Avant and now, this guy, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507 Wagon. It packs 507 horsepower, 450 pound-feet of torque and will hit 62 mph in under 4-seconds. In short, it’s awesome. Motor Trends Jonny Lieberman recently traveled to Germany to see if this new AMG will be crowned the new King, or if it’s just an over-hyped grocery getter.


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850 HP E63 by Weistec Engineering: TUNED

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Weistec Engineering

In 1993 the Mercedes-Benz 500E was pretty much the baddest four door sedan you could buy. It came stock with flared front fenders and a 322 bhp V8 which was good for a 6-second 0-60 run, a good time for the day. Now, 10 years later, a stock E63 (the equivalent of the 500E) puts down 518 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Horsepower junkies all over the world love numbers like this, but for those who want even more, there’s . Matt Farah of /DRIVE’s TUNED just tested their 850 HP E63, and although it wasn’t perfect, according to Matt, it didn’t suck either…


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SRT Viper vs Mercedes-Benz SLS Black Series

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SLS vs Viper

There are two schools of thought when it comes to comparing American and German performance cars. German cars for example are generally more refined, pack in more technology and cater more to the driving experience, where the American’s simply stuff bigger and bigger hammers under the hood. In my experience, neither of these styles is correct, they’re just different. Motor Trends Jonny Lieberman and hot-shoe racer Randy Pobst, recently paired the new 2014 SRT Viper with the Mercedes-Benz SLS Black Series to see which 600 horsepower hammer is the best. Check it out after the jump.


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