Renault Clio RS 200 EDC v Ford Fiesta ST Mountune

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Chris Harris

The Renault Clio RS 200 EDC and the Ford Fiesta ST Mountune. Two mini hot-hatches the we don’t get over here in the United States. Correction, we get the Fiesta ST, but without the factory Mountune tune that you can get over in the UK. Both cars are relatively light and surprisingly quick for their respective sizes. However the Ford, even with the extra punch, is a helluva lot cheaper than the Renault. /DRIVE’s Chris Harris lets us know why.


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Renault Clio RRS

As a car enthusiast it’s hard when I see cars that are weighed down by technology. From in-dash navigation units and parking assist, to adaptive cruise control and pedestrian warnings, I worry that this tech takes away from the driving experience. Case in point – the Renault Clio RRS 200 that’s feature on this weeks Chris Harris on Cars. It’s a great little car no doubt, but Renault has unfortunately done away with the manual transmission in favor of one that utilizes flappy-paddles. It’s not terrible mind you, just different. As a fan of standard transmissions, I’m just finding it hard to get into this when so much of driving a car is the connection you feel with it. Who knows… Maybe I’m just old and jaded, but as long as they’re available, a manual will always live in my garage.


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2013 WRC Rallye Monte-Carlo

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Monte Carlo Rally

They’re some of the best drivers in the world possessing nerves of steel and cat-like reflexes. These are the drivers of WRC and they’re trained to master any terrain that’s thrown at them. Sébastien Loeb is considered to be the best driver currently on the circuit and after watching these highlights from the Monte-Carlo rally, we can see why.


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Hot Hatchback Showdown – CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

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Ford Focus ST

We all know that Chris Harris has no problem sliding rear-wheel drive cars through corners. But what about those with front-wheel drive, what then? Well, in this weeks episode of Chris Harris on Cars on the DRIVE Network, Mr. Harris has seen fit to try his luck with the worlds newest hot-hatches. The Ford Focus ST, the Renaultsport Megane RS and Vauxhall Astra VXR all make appearances. At days end though, which one will be the victor in the hot-hatch war. The little Ford from America, or its two European rivals. Click through to find out.


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Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals 2011

Triumph TR4 and TR3

BCW MG TD Replica
Recently, I attended the show at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania. Held every May, this show features a vast array of meticulously maintained classic British, European and Japanese cars, exemplary examples of their more modern kin, as well as a beautiful collection of kit cars.  As far as sheer variety in makes, models and years, hands down, this show can’t be beat.

This has become something of an annual treat for me as I can think of few better ways to spend a weekend than by gazing at a gleaming sea of jaw-droppingly stunning automobiles, many of which I guarantee you won’t find at other shows. Plus, participation is open to anyone with an import or a kit car – all you have to do is register, make your car pretty and show up. It’s a great opportunity to display your cherished ride and meet other aficionados of your favorite marques.

I used to come down to show my Saab and hang out with the Saab contingent that makes it out every year. But even though I have a Subaru now, it’s just so much fun that I continue to make the trip to Carlisle (my WRX was parked over by the lone DeLorean, if you happened to be there). Volvo, BMW and Audi clubs also traditionally have a large showing so the weekend is packed with the cars you love, cars you haven’t seen before, your friends from the forums, barbeques – it’s a good time for everyone.  So, if you’re not too far out from Pennsylvania, I definitely recommend heading out there next May to check out the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals. To tide you over, provided for your viewing pleasure are some of my favorite cars of the weekend. Enjoy!


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New Renault Has Python Power!

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Renault Snake

It’s not uncommon in certain parts of the world to encounter wildlife while you’re tooling down the road in your favorite jalopy. Hell, I myself have pegged a deer, I almost nailed a cow in the great state of Utah and I’ve taken out various birds and squirrels (I think they were committing suicide). The one thing that all of these incidents had in common though was that all of these animals were on the outside of the car when we came into . One thing to remember about wildlife is that they come in all shapes and sizes and many a time have the ability to squeeze into places that they’re not wanted. Take this 8-foot long python for instance that shimmied its way under the hood of this unsuspecting Renault. My assumption is that it was attracted to either the smell of some leaky fluids, or it was just looking for a place to curl up and die. Either way, this sucker would have scared me half to death if I encountered it in any of my rides. Click through for the video to see what I’m talking about.
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Renault Twingo Ad Too Hot For Italian TV

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It sounds like Italy is getting nearly as puritanical as the United States when it comes to what’s acceptable for prime-time broadcasting. Apparently, an implied lesbian encounter (complete with light bondage) is too over-the-top for a country that used to show hard-core porn on TV after hours. Odd double standard, but no stranger than the U.S., where nudity is strictly forbidden but any one of a hundred TV evangelists will ensure your place in heaven for the low, low monthly price of $29.95. Personally, I only consider one of those things obscene.

As the story goes, this ad was pulled from prime-time television viewing by both RAI and Mediaset, but not by Sky. Enjoy, but don’t expect too much adult content from this PG-13 Renault ad. On the other hand, it does present an ingenious option for stealing a car, so maybe we should be taking notes.

Bon Anniversaire, R4!

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They made more than eight million in 28 countries and during its 31-year production run it remained essentially unchanged. It’s the Renault R4, a funky little cockroach of a car that’s loved the world over, from the steamy jungles of Colombia to the arid plains of Africa. And this year it turns 50. Bon anniversaire, R4.


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Mark Webber Shows You The Line Around Suzuka

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F1 Track Simulator – Mark Webber at Suzuka

The Japanese Grand Prix is this Sunday, so here’s a quick run of the circuit courtesy of Red Bull Renault’s Mark Webber and the Red Bull F1 simulator. Webber needs to be this consistent in qualifying and in Sunday’s race, as he goes into the weekend leading the driver’s championship by a slim 11 points. The title is still up for grabs between Webber (with 202 points), Fernando Alonso (191 points), Lewis Hamilton (182 points), Sebastian Vettel (181 points) and Jenson Button (177 points).

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Ooh Laa Laa!! 1986 Renault R5 Turbo 2 for Sale.

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1986 Renault R5 Turbo 2

This little bugger is probably the only thing ever produced by the French that gets me excited. What you are seeing is a 1986 Renault R5 Turbo 2 that is up for sale over at . Produced by Renault back in the early 1980’s the R5 Turbo was built specifically for rally racing. With a rear engine and rear drive configuration, and a mill that could put out between 185 bhp to 300 bhp, the R5 was as fast as it was flickable.
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