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Silver Bullet: A Honda CB350 Reborn

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Gasser Customs

Whether you ride, drive, or build, being an automotive or motorcycle enthusiast goes deeper than most people will ever realize. These vehicles represent a creative outlet for us through modification, act as a psychiatrist to us when we’re feeling down and keep our minds sharp through maintenance and upkeep. In short, we live for these machines. Adam “Gasser” Gaspic owns a one man motorcycle shop aptly known as Gasser Customs. Through this, he’s able to express himself by building some of the coolest little cafe racers on the road, and he makes his mark one bike at a time.


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Isle of Man TT Teams – MotoGeo Events

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Jamie Robinson

Jamie Robinson knows a thing or two about motorcycles. You see he’s raced on some of the most challenging British, U.S. and world circuits as well as running in the famed Isle of Man TT. He hung up his leathers in 2008 and started , a site that tells riders to do one thing: GET OUT AND RIDE! On this episode of Jamie heads to the Isle Man to check out some of the teams and have a chat with Norton Motorcycles CEO and owner Stuart Garner.


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FuelTankTV: Much Much Go

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Much Much Go

Nick Eterovic is a car designer who loves his job. However as a designer you’ve got to have something on the side that gets your creative juices flowing and stimulates the old noggin on a daily basis. For Eterovic, it’s his love of motorcycles and more importantly, how he can craft them without having to deal with a committee. Much Much Go is a video that’s been done a thousand times. It features custom bikes, words of wisdom and of course, great production quality which is why, at days end, we hope to see a thousand more videos just like it.


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Steve McQueen Edition Triumph Coming for 2012

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Steve McQueen Edition Triumph Bonneville

I don’t think there’s one automobile enthusiast who wouldn’t want to go back in time and grab a beer with Steve McQueen. I mean let’s face it, the guy was not only an automotive legend, but he had the capacity to make even the un-coolest of vehicles cool just by associating with them. Cars, motorcycles, trucks… it didn’t matter, cause’ if it had the McQueen stamp of approval, it was a hit. The King of Cool has now been gone for more than 30 years, and yet companies are still using his likeness to make money. Triumph motorcycles for example is getting ready to release a Steve McQueen edition Bonneville motorcycle that will have a limited 1100 chassis run. The bike pays homage to the Triumph motorcycle that McQueen rode in “The Great Escape”. Visual queues will include matte military green paint, a solo-seat, luggage rack and a reproduction signature of McQueen on the bikes chassis. The bike is set to be released at the EICMA trade show in Milan next month so stay tuned for more info.


You’re Doing it Wrong: Wheelie Gone Wrong

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Motorcycle Accident

Let’s see. We’ve got three people, one motorcycle, no safety gear and a busy stretch of road. Yeah… this should end well.


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Why We Ride: Rolling Free

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Rolling Free

Having logged over 100,000 miles in the saddle of various motorcycles, I can tell you that if I had one way in which to travel that this would be it. Those that don’t ride will never understand the feeling of freedom, exhilaration and pure connection to the road that riding offers. The fact is that most people are afraid of motorcycles. They hear of horrid accidents and think that most riders have a death wish, when in fact it’s totally the opposite. Ever hear the phrase, “Live to Ride, Ride to Live”… well, it’s 100% true. Motorcycles make you feel alive. They bring to light every sense in your body and offer an almost out of body experience when your cruising down the road on that perfect sunny day. Sure there’s an element of danger in riding, but hell, that’s part of the fun. If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle then please do yourself a favor and try it just once. If you don’t like it, then fine, however don’t simply dismiss it because of what others say as you’ll be missing out on one of the greatest experiences of a life time.
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Black Falcon

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The Vincent Black Shadow is mechanized art. It is metallic perfection, from its girder forks to its finned V-twin to its triangulated swing arm. But the guys at Falcon Motorcycles have made it even better. Behold, the Black Falcon, the most gorgeous motorcycle ever made. Read More…

Riding September

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Riding September

Watching video’s like this one remind me why I love vintage iron. These machines are fun, quirky, exciting and most of all, hands on. They’re simple to work on and very rewarding when you get them sorted out, they also have the uncanny ability to take you back to a time when things were a little less complicated. Riding September was put together by and is beautifully shot. There is no fancy story here, nor is there a plot, just a bunch of guys riding around on cool old vintage motorcycles set to a song by The Felice Brothers called, ‘Frankie’s Gun’. This video contains nothing but oodles of open road goodness, so click play and enjoy.
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Norton Lives . . . In the U.S.

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Good news for all us Yanks who lust after the reborn : The Bike is roaring across the Atlantic as you read this and, with any luck, will be terrorizing U.S. roads in April or May. Read More…

Honda Gets Naked, Again

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If you’re bummed that Europe got Honda’s CB1000R naked streetfighter and we didn’t, cheer up. The replacement for Honda’s 919 Hornet makes its way to the States this spring, but there’s a catch: Honda is only bringing in a limited number of bikes, so if you want one, get in touch with your local Honda dealer pronto. The CB1000R can trace its lineage back to classic Hondas of old, like the epic CB750F and CB900F. Unlike those historic bikes, the CB1000R comes equipped with the latest technology, like PGM-FI to ensure that the bike runs at high altitude, a fully adjustable inverted fork, radial front calipers and an aluminum backbone frame. The engine comes from the CBR1000RR, but gets lower compression, smaller throttle bodies and a longer stroke to emphasize midrange power. Compared to the CBR it’s based on, the engine drops from 159 horsepower to 123, and torque drops from 80 at 8,750 to 73 at 7,750. If that sounds like bad news, it shouldn’t: Honda’s intent with the CB1000R was to build a bike with decent midrange, but one that won’t pull your arms from their sockets when you roll on the throttle. Read More…