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eBay Deal of the Week: 1989 Chevrolet Caprice Hulk Edition

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Okay, I’ll admit it, there is nothing about this car that screams deal. However this sucker is so off the charts nutty that we had to post it as the eBay Deal of the Week. This is a 1989 Chevrolet Caprice that’s been turned into one of the most interesting tributes to the Incredible Hulk that I’ve ever seen. The interior is a full custom job that’s black with reptile accents and custom air brushing. The door jambs, underside of the hood and trunk, dash, door panels, custom center console are all done with amazing detail. It sports a 505 hp 7.0L LS7 that will turn the 30″ tires into glue as you’re activating the remote dumpers for the exhaust. Now obviously this thing isn’t for everybody, hell it may not be for anybody. But if you’re a fan of the HULK and you want the most outrageous piece of fan tribute, then this little gem is your monkey! Check out more pics after the jump, or head directly to the eBay ad below.

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Hot Rod Garage: Diedelson’s Kustom Chevy

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1951 Chevy Scraper

Getting the stance right in a custom vehicle can either make it or break it from a visual perspective. Set it too high and it looks like a 4×4, set it too low and you’re dragging oil pans. Diedelson’s Customs in Holland has opted for the latter on their 1951 Chevy Truck and in doing so has created a vehicle that looks like it came out of some B-rated horror flick. It’s old and rusty, but thanks to a front airbag suspension it actually runs pretty good when pushed hard. Is it for everyone? Well no. However if you’re diggin’ on the rusty ole’ airbag look, then this slammed old Chevy may just be the one for you.


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Diesel Power: World’s Fastest Tow!

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World's Fastest Tow

There are good ideas and then there are bad ideas. For example; eating your vegetables, going to the dentist and paying taxes are good ideas. Towing a trailer behind a diesel pickup truck at 140 mph, well, not so much. That however didn’t stop Diesel Power’s Associate Editor Jason Sands from heading out to the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed to try it though.

Click through and check it out.


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Jetman takes to the skies once more.

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By now we’ve all seen the Jetman hooning through the skies whilst attached to his jet powered flying wing. The thing is completely insane and honestly makes me wonder why there aren’t more lunatics flying around up there. Whatever the case though, what the Jetman has accomplished with his wing is amazing. It just makes me wonder how long it will take before the military invents one with room for a couple of sidewinder missiles.


King Of The Concrete: Drag Racing Without A Safety Net

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If you go drag racing at a NHRA sanctioned track, you’ll have the benefit of gravel traps, catch nets and even water barrels to stop you if something goes wrong. The problem with driving at a busy drag strip is that it’s nothing like street racing; there’s plenty of rubber (and traction compound) laid down on the drag strip asphalt, ensuring that you’ll get a good launch. While some see this as a , others see it as taking the challenge out of launching your car. Read More…

The Ultimate Green Machine

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Green Machine

If you were a kid in the 1970’s then you no doubt remember the “Green Machine” by Marx Toys. It was the “Ying” to the Big Wheels “Yang”, and truth be told, it was the cooler of the two. The Green Machine was just flat-out bitchin’ back in the day as it employed back wheel steering that was actuated by two pull levers. Those who road the Green Machine were the shizznit and are all believed to have gone on to accomplish great things in life. Two such Green Machine owners are the guys from in Melbourne, FL. These guys like the green beastie so much that they decided to build their own life size version complete with a 45-inch front wheel, rear-wheel steering and an 80-cubic inch Harley-Davidson engine. According to the guys at Parker Brothers,
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Review: The Yugo: The Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History

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Yugo Girl!

Yugo Girl!

Today is Malcolm Bricklin’s 72nd birthday, and to celebrate this jubilant occasion, I am presenting my review of a book written about perhaps the most reviled of his infamous business exploits: the Yugo.

I recently had the pleasure of reading Jason Vuic’s “The Yugo: The Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History.” And just so you know, I thought it was a total hoot. It’s been ages since I last found myself transfixed by a book, owing in no small part to the clever prose of Mr. Vuic and his obvious enthusiasm for the Yugo and its hilarious cast of supporting characters

The tale is peppered with anecdotes that will make you cackle gleefully in public and get the side-eye from old ladies on the train. It will inspire you to torture your coworkers with a relentless barrage of Yugo jokes. Your resulting revelry in everything Yugo will have phones hanging up on you, doors closed in your face. But, oh yes, it’s worth it.

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Winter Is No Excuse To Stop Riding

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As YouTube user Jiraya09 demonstrates, winter is no excuse to put the bike in hibernation until spring. In fact, it seems like a very good excuse to hunt down a supermotard bike like his KTM 690 SMC, which can clearly be used as year-round transportation if you mount the right tires and check your sanity at the door. For the record, Jlraya09 was riding on sport rubber, not knobbies, and that definitely requires a healthy blend of skill and madness.

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Sledding Behind A Jet Fighter? Sounds Like Fun

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I’ve tried a lot of different things to go fast on snow, but being pulled by a jet fighter plane isn’t one of them. I’m not sure it’s as fast as being pulled by a snowmobile, since no pilot in his right mind wants to firewall the throttles while taxiing on snow and ice. Airplanes aren’t all that maneuverable on the ground, and airplane tires aren’t exactly mud and snow rated. Besides, I seriously doubt the guys on sleds would appreciate it if he lit up the afterburner (although it would keep them warm).

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Yacht Surfing – It’s the newest thing…

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By creating the new sport of Yacht Surfing, Frank was convinced that he was now on the correct path to fame and fortune.