2012 Ford Focus Electric: Ridelust Review

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2012 Ford Focus Electric

This is the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, a variant of Ford’s already stellar Ford Focus. It’s got all the same bells and whistles as the normal Focus sans one very important detail; a gasoline powered engine. The Focus Electric is Ford’s answer to the Nissan Leaf as it’s a full-on electric car. The Focus and Leaf are about the same size and have a similar range, but the Focus has the ability to recharge in about half the time of the 2012 Nissan Leaf. I’ve been playing around with this car for about a week, and I can tell you that at this writing, I actually like it quite a bit.

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2012 Tesla Model S – Jay Leno’s Garage

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2012 Tesla Model S

It can seat up to 7 people (if you count the rear jump seats), has a range of 300 miles and is one of the most stylish new sedans on the market. It’s the new 2012 Tesla Model S and before we go any further I’d like to remind everyone that this baby is 100% electric. Jay Leno recently had a chance to experience the new Model S and in my opinion came away more than impressed.


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“Monster” Tajima Flogs the Tesla Model S

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Monster Tajima Tesla Model S

He was the first man to brake the 10-minute mark at the and is widely known as one of the worlds best drivers. This is Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima and when most people think about electric cars, this is not the driver that comes to mind. Tesla however sees things differently though, which is why they’ve stuffed Monster Tajima into their newest EV, the Tesla Model S. Did he like it? Click through to find out.


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ZUGO: Yugo, Electrified

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The Yugo was supposed to unite the Balkans under an umbrella of capitalism, to infuse the area with much-needed jobs and cash. Instead, the car was crap. Still, there’s something endearing about the little hatchback, something honest and pure. That’s why it still has a special place in our hearts—and why designer Milos Paripovic has re-imagined it as an electric. Oh, and also because he wanted to poke fun at electric cars.

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The $160K Electric Surcharge

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The new Varley evR-450 electric super car can hit 62 mph in just 3.8 seconds, packs 900- torques and looks like a Nissan R390. It costs $200,000. It’s also based on the awesome, gas-guzzling $40,000-ish .

The evR-450 is assembled in Australia by . It’s super-trick, featuring twin carbon ironless core AC motors with totally awesome-sounding Tritium Wavesculptor inverters. It has a semi-monocoque TIG-welded aluminum chassis with an integral space frame and weighs just 2750-ish pounds. Range? A comfortable 100 miles. Top speed? A disappointing 100-ish miles per hour. Are the batteries worth the extra cost of $200,000? Hit the jump to find out.

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Are Two Wheels Better Than Four?

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Engineers are taught to constantly think outside the box. They’ve been programmed to question that whatever exists today, can be made better tomorrow as long as you align the right pieces of the puzzle. Take the engineering students from the University of Adelaide in Australia for example. You see they’ve just invented an electric vehicle that they’ve name the Diwheel and according to them it’s half motorbike, half unicycle and could, if they play their cards right, be a glimpse into what we’ll be seeing on tomorrow’s roads. The Diwheel is made up of two mammoth outer wheels that enclose a center mounted cockpit for the driver. It also utilizes active rotation damping so as to keep the cockpit centered when the vehicle comes to a stop. Granted this contraption is a bit unconventional, but hey, so are the engineers who designed it. Click through for the video.
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Leaf Nismo RC Rides the Wind

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the leaf rides the wind
lightning in its belly
mother earth cheers

The Nissan Leaf Nismo RC. It’s a Nissan Leaf wrapped in carbon fiber and dipped in matte black paint. And it’s wicked. Hit the jump to watch it yowl around a track. Read More…

Lightweight Lupine: Amarok Moto

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Electric motorcycles can be ponderous things, battery-laden hulks that awkwardly lope around the track. But not the Amarok. It’s light and lithe, a nimble and ferocious beast that tears at the tarmac. It’s the creation of Canadian builder Michael Uhlarik and at just 325 pounds, it’s the lightest TTXGP racing bike ever created.

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Voltitude: Another Electric Pocket Vehicle

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voltitude electric pocket bike

Can someone please tell me when good old fashion exercise got replaced by electricity and pedal powered mopeds? It seems like people, especially intercity hipsters, simply love to feel as though they’re doing something that saves the planet. They’ll go out and purchase electric cars and hybrids, join environmentalist groups and buy things like the mini-electric scooter you see here. Called the Voltitude, this Swiss-designed mini-ped concept will apparently get your lazy ass from point A to point B at the blazing speed of 15 mph. It’s got a pedal-assisted range of 12-25 miles, weighs in at over 50 lbs., and will fold up into something that’s still too big and heavy to hide away neatly. You can call me a skeptic and hater or whatever, but at the end of the day I find contraptions like this to be utterly useless and a complete waste of money. The Voltitude is scheduled for release at the end of 2011 and is sure to come with a price that will probably be too high and sold to people that love to wear knit caps in the summertime.
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What would you buy for $1000?

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Toyota Tercel

Prices for premium fuel are bouncing over $4.25 here in the Northeast, which means I’m seriously considering picking up a fuel efficient beater car to have as a daily driver. I’m looking at everything from used Toyota Tercel’s to Honda Accord’s and everything in between. There is however one major catch – my budget is $1000.00. Obviously a 1k budget eliminates anything that one would consider to be “nice”, but as I already have a nice car, I’m not too worried about its looks. What I am concerned with however is how the car runs and has it been serviced regularly. Now some of you may be thinking that you can’t find a good car for $1000.00, but I completely disagree. In fact I’m betting I can find a good old lady car for a G-note right in my neighborhood if I look hard enough.
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