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1927 Ford: Double-Trouble -/BIG MUSCLE

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Double Trouble Hot Rod

In the world of hot-rodding there are few cars that are going to leave as big an impression as this – the 1927 Ford Model T custom simply known as “Double-Trouble”. It rides on a custom-built tube chassis that’s fabricated from 1.5-inch tube. Is powered by two 4.6-liter modular V8s from Ford with four, count ‘em, FOUR superchargers for an approximate power output of around 1,200 hp. It also utilizes the rear-end (inboard disc brakes and all) from an early Jaguar. It’s a rolling a Hot Wheels car and a masterpiece of engineering that is sure to make all your naughty bits tingle.


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Wrecked Metals

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Wrecked Metal

Three carbs, solid axle suspension and a chopped roof. Yep, this just seemed like the right way to close out the weekend, don’t you agree?

Check it out after the jump.

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ZZ Top – I Gotsta Get Paid

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ZZ Top

When it comes to beards, bad-ass rides and babes, ZZ Top has had the market cornered for over 30 years. Back in 1983 front man Billy Gibbons had a wicked 1933 Ford Coupe built that was known by fans as the, “Eliminator”. It was red with alloy wheels and the “ZZ” graphics on the side and for hot-rodders around the world, this WAS the car to own. Fast forward to 2012, a mere 29 years after the original “Eliminator’ was built and ZZ Top’s new single, I Gotsta Get Paid. Granted the car is not there, but it’s essence lives on right to the very end.


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Pixeleye Presents: Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2011

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Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2011

As odd as it may seem Bottrop, Germany is home to one of the biggest moto-culture car shows in all of Europe. For 2011 shot this little number for Dickies Clothing and in doing so managed to capture some of the coolest pre-1965 cars, trucks and motorcycles out there. Aside from the vehicles the Kustom Kulture Show in Bottrop also showcases some of the best known hot rod artists the world has to offer, as well as an 1/8th mile drag strip where show entrants can drag their rides.

Hmm… I might just have to put this baby on my international bucket list.
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Regal Roadster’s 1939 Lincoln Zephyr

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1939 Lincoln Zephyr

There’s just something about cars from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s that’s magical. Seeing those cars today makes one think about a time when life was less complicated, when automotive innovation actually meant something, and when the spirit of the open road was alive and well here in the United States. The 1939 Lincoln Zephyr is one of those cars and when viewed in person the only thing it evokes is pure emotion. Today’s automobiles, while packed with reliability and technology simply don’t, in my opinion, possess the same amount of style and flare that their bygone brothers do. It’s a shame really, but in a society where cost is key and styling is secondary, automotive manufacturers really have no choice but to compromise on everything. That’s where custom shops like of Madison, WI come into play. These guys recently took the aforementioned 1939 Lincoln Zephyr and get this… fitted it with an Aston Martin V12 engine, full airbag suspension and Magnaflow exhaust. We think the result is simply stunning, but just to make sure click play on the video and decide for yourself.
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Go Big or Go Home: 1972 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon

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1972 Chrysler Town and Country Wagon

Remember the good old days when cars were cars and men were men? Well, now thanks to eBay you too can go back to a time when the massive road beasts of yesteryear roamed the streets. Thanks to a bizarre affinity for station wagons, I always find myself searching sites like and for these old battle tanks. Maybe it’s because that’s what I grew up with as a kid, or maybe I just like the fact that they’re 20-feet long and made of true Detroit steel. Either way though, I’m constantly diggin’ on these things.
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Paris Considers Ban On Gas Guzzlers

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Visiting Paris? Bicycles are always welcome. Image: Pline

Paris, France, wants you to leave your SUV at the city limits. Drive an older Mercedes diesel, or something else that belches particulates and sucks down gas like Lyndsay Lohan sucks down martinis? Paris wants you to leave that outside of the city as well. In fact, if what you drive isn’t compact and fuel efficient, don’t plan on visiting Paris behind the wheel after next year. The city is in the process of restricting “gas guzzling” vehicles, although they have yet to precisely define what fuel economy will be needed to make a vehicle exempt. The ban would limit access to congested areas of the city during certain times of day or certain times of the year, unless drivers were behind the wheel of a “green” vehicle. Paris isn’t the first city across the pond to institute such a ban, as London and Berlin already have gass-guzzler restrictions in place.

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Art of the Muscle Car: Coming to a coffee table near you.

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Art of the Muscle Car

It’s my humble opinion that every red blooded American male should at one point in their lives get behind the wheel of a big-block muscle car. They’re inefficient, politically incorrect and have styling the likes of which will never be duplicated. They were also created in a time when auto manufacturers still had the freedom to let their engineers run wild and make cars that were crafted from childhood fantasies. Nowadays government regulations, environmentalists and manufacturers are regulating the amount of fun we can have, and by doing so are killing the spirit of what the muscle car was all about.
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Fuel Prices Be Damned, Large SUV Sales Up 20% In 2010

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Remember a few years back, when fuel prices closed in on the $4.00 per gallon mark, and naysayers told us it was the beginning of the end? We were either at or approaching peak oil, and gas prices were sure to continue their upward trend. Suddenly, buying a Smart franchise seemed like a sensible thing to do, but by the end of summer 2008, the madness had passed. Gas prices returned to normal levels, below $3.00 per gallon, and U.S. consumers (those who were still employed, at least) went about business as usual.

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Maybach Not Dead Yet: Über-Luxury Brand To Get New Models

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Maybach Zeppelin

A Maybach Zeppelin

Conventional wisdom would say that 200 to 300 units of worldwide sales is far from sufficient to keep a car marque alive, and rumors of Maybach’s demise have been circulating for months. If is correct, the brand will not only soldier on, but will see a focus on growth through new models, thanks to Daimler’s Joachim Schmidt. Schmidt sees opportunity for the high end brand in China, North America, Russia, and the Middle East, but only if the product line is revised and updated.

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