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Wheels & Rims: Repair, Refinish, and Fitment – /DRIVE CLEAN

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Apart from the paint itself, your wheels and rims make the biggest statement about your car. In this episode, we learn about how to properly repair and revitalize wheels damaged by “curb rashing,” accidents, and potholes. We’ll also review fitment requirements and other considerations for selecting the perfect tire and wheel combination. - Larry Kosilla, /DRIVE CLEAN Host /


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5 Cars That Hippies Love…

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Dirty Hippies

The 1960’s gave birth to many wonderful things. We put a man on the moon, muscle cars were invented and someone out there invented the electric can opener. It was a time of technology and forward thinking, but somewhere along the lines hippies came into being, and well… that was just plain annoying. They were dirty, stinky and drove bad cars and what was even more annoying than that was that they gave birth to other little hippies who grew up to also drive bad cars. It’s a travesty I know, but one that we can’t avoid. Below is a short list of modern day hippie cars that have the capacity to make the performance car enthusiast want to slice their own wrists.
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Fisker Karma Launch Delayed, Again.

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The Fisker Karma. Image: Fisker

In the we-saw-this-coming-months-ago department, deliveries of the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid have been delayed for another month. Motor Authority says that initial deliveries of demonstration vehicles and customer cars will begin in July, but didn’t give any indication of quantities. Their source is Roger Ormisher, Fisker’s director of global communications, so even the July timeline may prove to be a bit optimistic. Read More…

Jay Leno Drives the Smart Electric.

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Smart Electric Car

Jay Leno, aside from being one of the most well respected car collectors out there, does not discriminate when it comes to automobiles. He likes fast cars, slow cars, steam powered cars and now, electric cars. What’s great about Jay is that he is first and foremost an automobile enthusiast, which means that he appreciates cars from all time periods and genres. The Smart Electric is powered by a 16.5 kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack that sits in the same place where the Smarts traditional 3-cylinder gas mill sat. This battery power means a range of about 60 to 70 miles and a top speed of about 65 mph, and that’s with the throttle pinned wide open. My advise, don’t even bother with this little bugger, just go out and buy a Chevrolet Volt and be happy. Trust me on this one…
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BMW Documentaries: The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be

The Future Just Isn't What It Used To Be.

Last week we brought you the first of four short films that BMW is releasing as part of a documentary series about . talked about how the residents of our new mega cities (populations of 15 million or more) will have to adapt to smaller living quarters, vehicles and lifestyles that are somewhat scaled down from what most of us experience today. Some people believe this is a good thing and a way to be more efficient, which at the end of the day it probably is. What I want to know however, is where is the line drawn between ultra efficiency and quality of life?

of the series takes us to a society, that according to old science fiction, was going to be filled with flying cars, teleportation and mobile jet packs. The truth of the matter is though that we human beings are still using the same methods of transportation that we used 80 years ago. Planes, trains and automobiles still operate essentially the same way they did all those years ago and while the technology has changed, our basic modes of movement are exactly the same. So what are your thoughts, how do you think we will be getting around in the future?


Drink The Electric Car Kool-Aid

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could just twitch our noses and make that pesky internal combustion engine disappear? You, know, the root of all evil? The invention that has us deeply tied to the very countries that want to see us wiped off the face of the planet? The invention that pollutes our environment, makes us all fat, and causes us to watch “Dancing With The Stars”?

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Fisker Shows First Factory Built Karma At Paris Auto Show

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Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma. Photo: Fisker Automotive

Fisker Automotive has reached another milestone that doubters never thought they would: the first factory built (though not production) Karma will be on display at the upcoming Paris Auto Show. Fisker will also be announcing details on their global importer network, which bodes well for their ability to get vehicles to market once the Karma reaches production. Their stated goal is production of 100,000 cars per year.

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Toyota To Show Tesla Powered RAV-4 EV In Los Angeles

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2010 Toyota RAV-4 V6

A 2010 RAV-4 V6, coming soon in EV flavor.

It’s no secret that Toyota invested heavily in Tesla for their electric propulsion and battery management technology. The first product of this arranged marriage appears to be a battery powered RAV-4, set to debut as a prototype at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

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Fisker Karma Ad Proves That Sex Sells, Even If You Don’t Have A Product

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There are two things in the latest Fisker Karma ad that I’d really like to take for a long, hard ride. Ironically, my chances of taking a test drive with either are exactly the same, which would be “zero”. At least the model in the Fisker ads is real, because to date the car has been little more than a rolling design study.

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Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, Calls Nissan Leaf Batteries ‘Primitive’

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The Nissan Leaf, as seen by Elon Musk.

In a sure sign that things are heating up in the electric car battle for consumers hearts and minds, Elon Musk has called the batteries used by Nissan in the Leaf ‘primitive’ and not even up to the technology used in Tesla’s first prototype. Musk’s comments, quoted from by , were made in a conference call with analysts and investors last Wednesday, where Tesla executives were also forced to defend their slim-but-increasing margins on the Roadster. Investors fear that the Model S sedan will lack profitability unless the cost of materials and production can be lowered significantly.

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