A masterclass in parallel parking.

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NYC Parking

New Yorkers know that if you’re going to commit to owning a car in one of the five boroughs, then “parking by feel” comes with the territory. Now as strange as it may seem, a cars bumpers are actually used for just that purpose as demonstrated by the gentleman in the following video. While most people would have simply dismissed this space as being too small, this fellow simply bumps and grinds his way in. The same can be said for how he left. Is this the right way to park? Maybe not, but if you’re a true NY’r then this is just one of the many concessions you have to make for living in the greatest city on Earth.


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Wheels & Rims: Repair, Refinish, and Fitment – /DRIVE CLEAN

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Apart from the paint itself, your wheels and rims make the biggest statement about your car. In this episode, we learn about how to properly repair and revitalize wheels damaged by “curb rashing,” accidents, and potholes. We’ll also review fitment requirements and other considerations for selecting the perfect tire and wheel combination. - Larry Kosilla, /DRIVE CLEAN Host /


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Protecting Your Car’s Paint on the Track – DRIVE Moment

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Larry Kosilla

If you run your car on the race track then you know first hand how punishing it can be on not only the mechanics of the vehicle, but on the paint as well. Rocks and debris can chip and damage your cars finish, as can spilled fluids. Have no fear though because master detailer and car care expert Larry Kosilla of DRIVE CLEAN is here to let you in on a few little tips that will not only extend the life of your cars paint, but protect it during everyday driving as well.


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You’re Doing It Wrong: Automotive Delivery Fail

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Auto Transport Accident

Cars are generally shipped in one of two ways; either via an enclosed trailer, or on the flat bed of an open transport. Nine times out of ten nothing goes wrong, as most shippers are qualified to handle just about any situation. However when things do go wrong, they usually go wrong big. I’ve shipped cars all over the country and in doing so have had my share of ups and downs. I’ve seen clutches blown, exhausts smashed up, as well as some nice dings in my bodywork. In the end though most companies have insurance to cover any damages, but for those that don’t… oh deary me. Take this transporter for instance; on the bed he’s got what looks like a 1968 Plymouth Fury, a car that weighs almost 5,000 lbs. and by the looks of it, it’s held on the ramp via its parking brake only. Therefore it should have come as no surprise to the driver when the big ole’ sled rolled off the ramp and into the Ford pickup that was parked in front of it. Maybe next time he’ll remember to put those wheel chocks under those front tires and avoid another headache.
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A Visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

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As painful as it may be to admit, the biggest spectator sport in the United States is in fact, NASCAR. With crowds averaging around 99,000 per event, the NASCAR faithful have cemented themselves in automotive history as the uber fans of American motor sports. As most of you know NASCAR got its roots from the good old days when moonshiners would soup up their transport cars in order to make them fast enough to outrun the revenuers. Those moonshiners then began to brag amongst themselves as to whose car was faster, then a few races ensued and PRESTO – NASCAR was born. Our friends over at just happen to take a little side trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame down in Charlotte, NC whence on their way to the . Up on their arrival they looked around and then interviewed NASCAR historian Buz McKim, who gave them a great history lesson on how the boys of the big ovals came to be.
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Maserati Architectural Digest Design Driven Garage

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I’ve always said that, if I could I would own a 3 bedroom house on the water with an attached 10 car garage. Quite honestly, I could care less about the house, in fact as long as there was a clean mattress and some working plumbing in there, I’d be good to go. Some people though are content with just having a one car garage and a few paintings on the wall. Take Holger Schubert for example, he is the Los Angeles, CA resident who won the 2009 Maserati Architectural Digest Design Driven contest for having one of the nicest garages out there. The space itself is probably one of the most pleasing I’ve ever seen. It’s welcoming and truly showcases the automobile as a work of art. Spanning 1,200 square feet, the area contains a large flat-screen TV, built-in book shelve, small kitchen, bathroom and a large storage room. Now, if it was only another 4000 square feet I’d take it in a heartbeat.


Are You a Parking Lot Abuser?

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I was heading into the grocery store the other night when I saw something that made my jaw drop. A lady, apparently deciding that the cart-return was too far away, decided to give her shopping cart a solid heave… right through the sporadically parked cars in the back half of the lot.

The cart, as Wally-World carts often do, immediately hooked a left into oncoming traffic, causing a guy to slam on his brakes to avoid a collision. The lady, either too callous or too oblivious, pulled away with nary a glance at the narrowly avoided impact.

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Drive Through Booty? Switzerland Says ‘Yes’

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Photo: CEN

You’ve got to love the Swiss. First, they make some damn fine chocolate and they live in a stunningly beautiful part of the world. They understand the importance of an armed population, and virtually every Swiss male has a military-issued assault rifle at home. Better yet, they’re actually trained in how to use them, proving once again that an armed society is a polite society.

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Heading Back To School? Here’s Five Tips To Keep Your Car Safe

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When it comes to car theft and auto burglaries, college towns generally have a higher incidence of both. If you take a step back, it’s easy to see why: targets of opportunity are everywhere, and student union bulletin boards are a great place to sell stuff without any questions. Assigned campus parking is a great place for a thief to go browsing for electronics, and it’s easy for them to spot who drives their car on a regular basis and who doesn’t.

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Is Budapest the new underground parking capital?

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I’ll be honest, when I think of Budapest I rarely think of technology and automobiles. It seems however that I’m one of the only ones that doesn’t know about this unbelievably trick parking system that has been incorporated right into the center of the city. Built entirely underground the new system takes parking automation to a whole new level. Gone are the days of parking attendants, scratched up cars and waiting in line to retrieve your car as all of that nonsense has been replaced with a well thought out, beautifully executed new system that removes the human element. Watching the system operate is very impressive, but I’m wondering if it would actually work in an area like New York City where you have a wide variety of cars that come in all shapes and sizes. Then there is the question of cost as this system has to be and unbelievably expensive proposition. Either way though it’s nice to see that someone is thinking outside the box and trying to relieve the parking problem that most urban areas are currently facing.