Idris Elba: King of Speed, Episode 1 & 2

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Brock Yates

If you were lucky to check out the movie Pacific Rim this past summer then odds are you know who Idris Elba is. His character was the head honcho in the film and honestly, he was pretty damn good in it. What I didn’t know about Idris was that he (like most of us) has an insatiable love for speed. Recently he filmed a 2 part series aptly called “King of Speed” and like his film, this also was pretty damn good. Check it out after the jump.


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VOLVO 242 L Turbo: Burnout & Highway

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Volvo 242T

If you’ve ever wondered what the most unassuming, boring and flat-out soulless automobile was, well then look no further than the Volvo 242. In stock form the 242 is an awful machine even though it’s loved by hipsters the world over, however slap a turbo on it, and well… things change.

Source: http://youtu.be/Mc46PGEEObw

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Simon McKinley & the White Escort: Parts 1 & 2

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Ford Escort Mk2

The pilot of this outstanding Ford Escort Mk2 is Simon McKinley and quite honestly, his car control is simply nuts! Listen to that Escort Mk2 bellow through the forest is nothing short of music, so do yourselves a favor – dim the lights, turn up the speakers and enjoy the following two videos!

Source: Youtube.com

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Bullitt 1968 with Shot-for-Shot Remake

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Bullitt Chase

If you were born after 1985 then the odds of you having ever seen the movie Bullitt are quite slim. The movie featured Steve McQueen as detective Frank Bullitt and featured one of the best car chases in automotive history. Herve Attia, an avid McQueen fan, recently took a trip to San Francisco and re-filmed all the locations in the 10 minute and 53 second chase. The results of which are pretty outstanding.


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Ebisu Circuit : RUN THE WALL

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Drift Doom

Do you have a great vehicle, little-to-no skill behind the wheel and a big ass checkbook? Well if you do then let the following video serve as your inspiration for getting into the sport of drifting!


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Gymkhana Six

This Ken’s Block Gymkhana Six… that is all.


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Django Django – WOR / Wall of Death Riders

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Wall of Death Riders

What would you do in order to make a living? Would you risk life and limb on a daily basis and, if so, how would you justify it to others. India’s Wall of Death Riders are a group of daredevils who look death in the face for a bit of fame and very little in the way of fortune. Some people say their insane, but for these men, it’s just another day at the office.


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RALLYTHEWORLD: The Story of Glory – Director’s Cut

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VW WRC Rally

Wouldn’t it be great if we had the means to not only document, but be present at every stage of the WRC (World Rally Championship). Fortunately for us Volkswagen does, and they’ve been documenting every stage of their VW Polo WRC Rally team on . The site contains everything from driver profiles to a wicked little rally game, so make sure to watch the video ‘The Story of Glory – Director’s Cut’ and then check out the site at the link above.


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R&D Motorsports Presents: This is off-road racing!

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Off Road Racing

It is by far one of the most exciting styles of racing you can participate in with high stakes and little in the way of glory. For the most part the media overlooks it, however when you view it your adrenaline will reach levels you’ve yet to experience. This is off-road desert racing and if you think running 100 mph on pavement is quick, try doing it on dirt. Click through and check it out.


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Burn On : Drag Racing Documentary (1973)

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Burn On

The year was 1973, and here in the United States drag racing was in full effect. Production cars like the HEMI ‘Cuda, Mustang and Chevelle ruled strips across the country, as did the modified funny cars and rail dragsters. It was a time of danger and innovation, as the men and women who drove these insane machines would risk life and limb every time they went down the 1,320. Burn On is a 16-minute documentary on what it was like to live and race with some of leading pioneers in the sport of drag racing.


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