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Chrysler’s Latest Ad Almost Makes Me Want To Move To Detroit

Posted in Chrysler, Design, Detroit, Videos by Kurt Ernst | September 23rd, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Chrysler’s original “Imported From Detroit” TV ad was pretty bleak. Filmed in the gritty urban heart of Detroit, the commercial was more about surviving that it was about succeeding, and I seriously doubt it inspired anyone to pick up stakes and move to Detroit. Their latest ad, for the 2012 Chrysler 300, shows a kinder and gentler side to the Motor City. The commercial may start out in the city, complete with gray, overcast skies, but it soon wanders into the upscale suburbs of Detroit.

There’s tree-lined streets and traditional neighborhoods, complete with kids playing outside without concern of a drive-by shooting. There’s a shop-filled downtown, even though shopping malls killed off most of the mom-and-pop retail establishments on America’s main streets. By the end of the video, there’s even sunny skies, right before the driver parks his eight-speed-automatic-transmission-equipped Chrysler 300 in front of a suspiciously-Frank-Lloyd-Wright-looking house.

What does it all mean? Are better days on the horizon for all of us, just like Chrysler? Is a trip out of the run-down city, into the suburbs of home on the horizon for all of us? Let me be the first to say, “Christ, I hope so.”


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