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Crash Test Gone Wrong

Posted in Death Wish, Funny Videos, Videos by Jon | February 4th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Now when we are looking to buy a car, not all of us really care about the “safety” of the car as long as it looks good. This is just because the NHTSA has put such strict safety regulations down for cars in America that we don’t really have to worry about it anymore. But just imagine if that car was available thirty or fourty years ago. They are just a moving death trap. Most cars today have a crumple zone in the front and rear of the car but the main body is a rigid structure, like a steel cage. The crumple zone decreases the force of the impact by extending the collision. Imagine the crumple zones as a soft foam. We would much rather fall on to soft foam than a concrete floor because the foam extends the time of impact, making it much less painful. But the engineers of this car forgot that if you make the whole car a crumple zone, the passengers will crumple as well. So the next time we complain about paying federal taxes, just think, this might have been your car.

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