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eBay Deal of the Week: TRANSFORMERs MOVIE CAR

Posted in eBay Motors, Featured, General, Movie Cars, Other Rides, Rides by MrAngry | July 2nd, 2012 | 2 Responses |

Barricade Transformers Movie

Have we got an eBay Deal of the week for you! Remember when the first Transformers movie came out way back in 2007? Well, one of the coolest cars in that little low-buck flick was a wickedly cool 2005 Saleen Extreme, LAPD style Black and White cruiser known simply as “BARRICADE”. This car was used as the number “3” camera car in the movie and is the only one known to be in private hands. Some of the features include: Ford’s 4.6-liter 335-hp V8, Saleen leather interior, carbon Fiber front chin and rear diffuser, Saleen Extreme body panels, jet black body paint, 20-inch Saleen Extreme black wheels, Saleen instrument panel, Saleen brakes and suspension and a 5-speed transmission. So, if you want what may be one of the coolest pieces of Transformers movie memorabilia out there, then I highly suggest clicking through to the auction and bidding away!


Barricade Transformers Movie Car

Barricade Transformers Movie Car

Barricade Transformers Movie Car

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