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Four Wheeling Isn’t Just For Off Road

Posted in 4x4, Beater Cars, Bizarre, Car Stunts, Crashes, Funny Videos, General, Off-Roading, Toyota, Videos by Kurt Ernst | August 12th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Why spend hours tearing down interior walls with a ripping bar and a sledgehammer, when you can accomplish the same thing in minutes with an old Toyota 4wd pickup? It’s a whole lot more fun, and you aren’t likely to work up a sweat behind the wheel. If you have a snowplow for the truck, you can even handle the cleanup without any back-breaking labor.

In fact, I see a business opportunity here. I’d pay money to push down walls with a beater truck, wouldn’t you? Hell, I could spend days doing this; all I need to do is hook up with a commercial realtor and a general contractor, then start combing Craigslist for beater 4wd pickups. Genius, sheer genius, but NSFW for language.

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