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If you like cars, police chases, guns, intrigue and well… hookers, then the Grand Theft Auto series of video games by developer Rockstar is the king. No where else in the annals of video game history can you delve into an open world environment that is hell bent on letting you live out all of your gaming fantasies. The GTA series unfolds more like a movie and or graphic novel then an actual video game, as the story line in single player mode sucks you in for the duration of the game play. Another aspect of the game is that on the PC version you are able to download game packs that introduced new (non-licensed) vehicles into the equation, which helps to enhance the look and feel of the game. The video you are seeing here is made up of actual game footage that is cut and pieced together by a gentleman named L.J. Carantan, and quite honestly, it’s nothing short of epic! The scenes are spliced together perfectly and the video game dialog has been infused so this actually could be a studio shot piece. I have to say that I give Mr. Carantan full credit as this is probably the best fan made video for any game that I have ever scene. Oh, and the fact that it’s main character, Niko Belic is driving a 1969 Dodge Charger doesn’t hurt either. Amazing…

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