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Half Bug, Half Boxster: Bugster

Posted in Bizarre, Car Branding, Custom, DIY, European Rides, Featured, Porsche, Volkswagen by Dustin Driver | March 30th, 2011 | 6 Responses |

In the vast uncharted wilderness of Austria lives an automotive Dr. Moreau, a mad genius who splices cars together to create breathtaking beasts like this unholy union of a ’73 VW Bug and 2000 Porsche Boxster S: The Bugster. The man behind this beauty is Siegfried Rudolf. His shop, CarMaxx, specializes in tuning and restoring VWs and Porsches. Apparently he got the idea for the Bugster after he parked his tuned ’73 Bug next to his wife’s Boxster and noticed the two cars shared a remarkably similar wheelbase.

Rudolf grabbed a Sawzall (or its European counterpart) and went to work. The top half of the Boxster came off. The floorpan of the bug came out. Surprisingly, the bug shell dropped right onto the Boxster floorpan.

Rudolf crafted custom fenders to house 18-inch wheels and bolted in adjustable suspension. The Boxster gave up its dash and other interior bits for the build. The Bug held onto its door panels, crank windows, and glass.

The result is a ’73 bug with 270 horsepower and impeccable street manners. No snap oversteer here.

From a distance you’d be hard pressed to identify this Bug’s Porsche underpinnings. Up close, however, the conspicuously wide fenders and side-mounted air intakes are a dead giveaway. It’s a fantastic build. We salute you, Mr. Rudolf. Keep doing The Lord’s work.

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