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Hennessey Alters Fabric of Universe by Cramming ZR1 into Camaro

Posted in Camaro, car modifications, Car Tech, Chevrolet, Expensive Cars, Fast Cars, Favorite Cars, Gas Guzzlers, Horsepower by Alex Kierstein | June 15th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


Stephen Hawking must be thinking furiously about the space-time ramifications of cramming a ~700 HP supercharged ex-Corvette mill into a pedestrian Camaro. Will it create a black hole? (“Only in your bank account,” says the eminent theorist.) Will you die immediately upon applying the throttle? Will it cause GM to fold as it will kill their lead-footed customers? Only time and the world’s largest particle accelerator will give us the answers. Or will they?


Actually, the answers come from Hennessey, that tuner most famous for turning Dodge Vipers into Saturn V rockets. Those maniacs have figured out that the LS9 from the ZR1 will fit in the bay of the Camaro. The forthcoming Hennesey Performance Engineering HPE700 will likely be a prodigious burner of rubber, and we’re looking forward to reading some reviews of intrepid souls gingerly hooning this lairy beast. Who says we’re in a recession? Buy a 700 HP Camaro and stimulate the economy!

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