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Honda CR-Z TS-1X Concept to Debut at Tokyo Auto Salon.

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Honda CR-Z TS-1X Concept

Right now Honda is doing everything they can think of to pimp out their new semi-sporty CR-Z hybrid coupe to a younger, hipper hybrid crowd (is there such a thing?) The car you see above is called the CR-Z TS-1X Concept and was designed by a division inside Honda known as, the Honda Access Corporation. These are the guys that are in charge of anything and everything aftermarket that Honda produces for their vehicles. Right now all we really know about this little puppy is what you see here. We’ve got a nice matte black paint job, larger aftermarket wheels (18 inch?), what look to be Brembo 4-piston calipers and a very aggressive body kit that’s actually quite heinous. The car is set to debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon show that is held from January 14-16, at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. I get that Honda is trying to be younger and hipper, but I’m not sure that the CR-Z fits the bill in this department.


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