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Is a BMW M3 Sports Wagon on the way?

Posted in BMW, Featured, News, Rides by MrAngry | January 28th, 2011 | 1 Response |

BMW M3 Wagon
Photo Credit: SportsCarZone.com

High powered sport wagons are an odd commodity in today’s automotive society and a gamble for any manufacturer. Generally they’re used to promote a model that the automaker feels may need a boost, and a hot wagon is generally just the thing to get people talking. Back in 2006 Dodge released the SRT8 version of the Magnum wagon. It was a wicked cool vehicle, but only sold around 3000 units in the Magnum’s three-year production run. There was also the Audi S4 Avant and BMW M5 Estate, both amazing vehicles in their own right, but since they cater to a very select crowd, their numbers were also low. Cadillac has just released a new uber wagon in the form of the stellar 556 hp CTS-V Sport Wagon, a machine for which I love, and one that may have sparked rumors of BMW perhaps producing an M3 Sport Wagon. I for one am all for it, as I love wagons and think they strike the perfect balance for families wanting big fun with the extra room. Right now an M3 wagon is only a rumor, but I think if we pray hard enough we may just get it.


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