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Is Ford Planning a New Super Car?

Posted in Featured, Ford, Ford GT, News, NYIAS by MrAngry | January 14th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Ford GT

Back in 2005 Ford released what was arguably one of the best looking super cars of all time. It was the Ford GT and it paid homage to the exotic Ford GT40 race cars that decimated Ferrari in the 1960’s. Powered by what was basically a supercharged Ford F-150 pickup engine, the Ford GT pumped out 550 hp and had a top speed of 205 mph. Sadly Ford only produced the iconic GT for two years (2005-2006) and because of this demand for pristine used ones is still quite high. Eric Tingwall however is now reporting that there may now be a successor on the way, according to a question he asked during a Q&A session with Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s head of global product development. The question was simple: “Is Ford interested in a successor to the GT?” – with that and careful wording Mr. Kuzak stated, “Well I think there are certain things that we don’t want to talk about in terms of four-year product plans, if that’s okay,” – yep, that’s just fine by us.

Ford GT
*Photo: Netcarshow.com

The beauty of that response was that Derrick Kuzak didn’t just say “NO” to a very pointed question. So will we be seeing a new version of Ford’s stellar super car? Right now there is no confirmation, but there is also no denial either… all we know is we want one.

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