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Ken Block Teases Gymkhana Four

Posted in Emissions, Engines, FIA WRC, Ford, Hoonage by Kurt Ernst | August 13th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

If you’re counting down the days until the release of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four, you’ve only got four more days to go. Gymkhana Four, starring Ken Block and his Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (HFHV), will hit You Tube on Tuesday, August 16. We hope it’s not a DC shoes sales pitch, thinly disguised as a hip-hop video, but the trailer below seems to indicate that it’s the real deal.

Besides sounding and looking cool, Block’s HFHV features a technology known as anti-lag, Used on race cars (but especially pro-rally cars), anti-lag synchronizes ignition timing, fuel injection and exhaust valve opening to keep the turbo spooled up, even when the throttle is lifted. The net result is improved performance, but at the expense of burning fuel in the exhaust system as well as in the combustion chamber.

Bad for the environment? Yes, it sure is. Fun to watch? Hell yes. Enjoy the video below, and here’s hoping that the fourth installment of Block’s Gymkhana series is worthy of the name.


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