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Lego Technic Motorized Pagani Zonda

Posted in Best of, European Rides, General, News, Pagani, Pop Culture, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | November 27th, 2012 | 1 Response |

Lego Pagani Zonda

Can you imagine what Leonardo Da Vinci would have crafted if he’d had a set of Lego’s as a kid? The possibilities would’ve been endless! As a child Lego’s were simple. We had maybe 10 to 15 different styles of blocks, no electric motors and absolutely nothing with remote control capabilities. In short, these little building blocks spiked the imaginations of children the world over and kept most of them out of trouble. In this day and age Lego’s are no longer just for children and in fact have been embraced by adults. Take for instance this amazing replica of a Pagani Zonda that comes complete with full power and remote control capabilities. It was built using existing blocks from existing kits with no instructions. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.


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