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Mangusta Legacy Project – As good as the original?

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Mangusta Legacy Concept

When most people think of De Tomaso, they generally think of the iconic Pantera. The Pantera was one of those rare cars that blended Italian design with good ole’ American firepower. However before the Pantera hit the streets, De Tomaso had given the world and even edgier beast. It was called the Mangusta and if it doesn’t make you’re naughty bits tingle then there’s something seriously wrong with you. The Mangusta was originally powered by a mid-mounted 306 hp Ford 289 cubic inch V8 that was hidden under a pair of beautifully designed gull-wing doors. It also had a sloping hood line that ended in a set of quad mounted headlamps. The car was simply stunning and even today can hold its own with some of the best looking automobiles ever made.

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Mangusta Legacy Concept

Now it seems that a designer and illustrator named Maxime de Keiser wants to do a modern interpretation of the Mangusta, however after seeing his renderings, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. Yes it’s nice and yes it looks the business, however one thing that’s missing is soul.

De Tomaso Mangusta 1967-71

You see the original car made you look, gasp and think dirty thoughts. This one though, well… it just looks like every other super car designed within the last 5 years. I’ll give a big “A” for effort, but at days end I’d go for the original in a heartbeat.

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