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Mazda Shows Off a Few Mean 2’s at SEMA 2010.

Posted in Mazda, SEMA, Sports Cars, Street Racing by Dustin Driver | November 9th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Mazda brought a pair of sweet little Mazda2’s to SEMA this year. The duo, the Mazda2 Street, and its evil twin the Mazda2 Track, have been lowered over skateboard sized wheels and tires and given classy race-inspired livery. The Mazda2 Track is fitted with a full roll cage, and has had its guts ripped out in preparation for heavy duty track usage. The Mazda2 Street retains its refined interior, but hides it behind some seriously dark tinted windows. The two cars might just be the best-looking Mazda’s currently made, even if they are the size and shape of a big roller-skate.

The Mazda2 rocks a frugal, yet peppy 100-horse 1.5-liter four cylinder and tips the scales at a featherweight 2,300 pounds. This means that when set-up properly with some sticky rubber and a stiff suspension this little bugger should be an absolutely riot to drive fast.

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